Sunday, July 22, 2012


Ben's at Pavilion is the second Ben's outlet I went, the first one is at KLCC. Had somewhat good impression and decided to have a rather proper and full-course meal at Pavilion's. 

That was the day I didn't win UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS and le bf say wanna celebrate with me even I was defeated. LOL. What kind of celebration is this? Should I feel happy about it? lololol. (Got la, I got feel happy even I lost in the competition but get to eat nice food still. haha.)

Lemons, yellow, Ben's representative colour.

Ben's Pavilion always full house. We waited for 5 - 10mins for an empty table because the person before us in waiting list doesn't want to be seated in the smoking area. Me and le bf were cool bout it so we get to cut in and get ourselves a table. The smoking area wasn't too smokey nor full of tabacco smell because the air ventilation was quite good.

Ordered three courses. The first, of course, is mushroom soup. Moi love mushroom soup so much I think I wanna make a blog post talk about nothing but mushroom soup you can find in KL's restaurants. LOL.

Chunky Mushroom Soup

I had it once at KLCC branch and was quite satisfied with all the mushroom chunks and all but this time, I'm a lil bit disappointed that it didn't taste as nice as the other branch's. Tastes a bit bland. Had to put some salt into the soup myself.

Chocolate Banana Milkshake & Lychee Lime

I told le bf I want the Oreo Chocolate milkshake but he ordered this chocolate banana milkshake for me lol. The taste of banana is really weird and artificial, me no like at all! Bet it's not a blend of fresh banana slices but syrup only. Le bf's Lychee Lime was surprisingly refreshing and good! (Even I dislike Lychee also kinda like this beverage)

And here comes our main courses:

Steak Frites

Simple dish - beef steak, fries and long beans. Super smokey taste beef but tender and juicy. Fresh greens and crispy fries. One that I will say is above average.

Normally, I'm the one who order steak but that night, I decided to go for fish. I'm not a big fan of fish, in fact I'm damn choosy when it comes to fish meat. I only eat fish meat that's not full of smelly fishy smell (don't know you understand what I say or not) such as cod fish, salmon, dory fillets... But sometimes some restaurants kinda fucked up cod fish also.

But THIS! Ben's Teriyaki Salmon with crunchy sesame crust together with Japanese salad and Ebikko topped rice as sides is DA BOMB!!!

I never taste one so delicious before!

I swear the moment I put a piece of salmon in my mouth and chew, all my taste buds were dancing excitingly! Fresh salmon juicy, tender and sweet without any fishy smell, crunchy sesame that gives extra aroma to the salmon as well as some munching.

Salted seaweed with some fresh unsalted peas and leaves were balance in taste and Ebikko topped rice is nice as well. I will give this dish an award if I could. Gave most of the rice to le bf because he likes Ebikko so much.

Our tummy were so full with the appetizer and mains that we barely wanna move our spoon when our desserts came.

Ben's Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

The cake was soaked in warm chocolate sauce. The chocolate tastes nice but the sponge doesn't. Kinda rough if you ask me. Vanilla ice cream is so yum that it wins over chocolate sauce! I kinda wonder what brand of ice cream they use.

Overall I'm quite satisfy with my second visit at Ben's Pavilion ( The Teriyaki Salmon pulled a lot of marks this time) it's definitely a yes for any next invites.

Selca at the smoking area that has a wall of greens and lighting that looks like sunshine.

About le bf 'incorrectly' placed the order of my drink, I'm doing some selca that time and told him I want Oreo Chocolate milkshake but I think he somewhat got confused with the chocolate banana one so I got the wrong beverage. He's so blur and I'm so obsessed with le iPod's camera and myself I didn't pay attention to him placing the orders.

Next time, I will TRY NOT TO selca during order time. lol.

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