Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Into monotone style recently when summer is all about colours, I chose black and white for my recent looks. lol. I am so random I can't even predict what I gonna do next. Is it a good thing or bad?

Sheer, stripey long tops.
I don't know the specific name of this tops, or is it a dress? lol.

Threw in a bit of rock-ish accessories.

I need to place the mirror at some place that allows me to wear shoes. Outfit looks good with shoes, always. lol. Or maybe a carpet in the room so I can step on it? Decisions decisions.

And this gotta be my this-week's-favourite pants:

Heart pattern harem pants.
Superbly comfortable.

Cool look in the harem pants.
The look I pulled when I went to Uniqlo's fitting + shooting yesterday.

Here's the sweet bunny look.
Pardon moi naked face. lol.

So happy to be busy these days. Fashion shows and work and casting and events and competition all lining up one by one. Exactly how I wished they will be!

Feel grateful for things and people in my life. Le bf whom been supporting me for what I'm doing, people I met during work and so, incidents that happened in my life and those that did not happen as well.... Each and every single details is guiding me towards my dreams. (Have to thanks to The Secret as well, even though I haven't finish reading it yet)

Even during some sad moments, I try to be as positive as I can, and not to dwell in negativity like I used to be. Glad that everything went good in the end.

Happy feelings~ come to mama everyday!

Fixing both shoe soles of my platform oxford shoes.
So fast peeling off already.
I didn't even wear them more than 10 times I think. meh.

Wish you all have a happy Wednesday night! ❤

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