Friday, July 13, 2012


Clothes coordination desu.

Leggings. I just love the comfy feelings of leggings.

Black base floral prints. 

Tad bit lovely coordination, peachy pinkish.
If minus my head la hahaha.

My favourite t-shirt:
Neko in Usagi headgear. Uber cuteeee!

Snow cap look.
LOL Who the hell wears snow cap in Malaysia, KL?
Probably me only. hahaha.

T-Shirt x Tight mini x Snow Cap

With a pair of Converse~!

Wanna buy a new plain, white tank top as my previous ones a tad bit overworn. Search around Mango but thinking the label might be too obvious because it's placed at the chest area... So I bought this instead.

Rib Tank Top by UNIQLO.

Hahaha, UNIQLO need ambassador? I can be one. lol.

S size already still a bit long the length. Yikes.
They need to produce size XS!

Another day of casting:

3 tier heart shape necklace and rocker studs.

I'm more to black than white eh?

Guess what!? I won myself KARA meet & greet passes!!! I'm seeing them today! MUAHAHAHA SO HAPPY!!! Gonna see pretty Korean girls in real life!!! Too bad that private cameras are strictly not allowed. :(

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