Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of July

Coordinate post desu~! Few days didn't write long blog post and I feel a bit awkward already. lol. Super busy weekend for me, but I enjoyed it to bits!!! Events, concert, work, event, event... I like it when my schedule is super packed! I don't need any free time seriously. lol.

Anyway, it's already the end of July and Selamat Berpuasa to all the muslims! I'm so excited that Raya is coming so I can go to my ji mui - Aira's house for makan-minum. 

Past week style desu:

Wore the same dress as the MIJF show because that day itself my primary schoolmate held her wedding dinner!

Didn't add on any fancy stuff, just a pair of feather earrings I got at Forever21 and 3 tiers heart pendant necklace from F Block. That night I went for Black x Gold, something more elegant than funky that I always am. lol. 

The next day, MIYAVI's first public appearance in Malaysia, at Pavilion's Concourse Area for Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary Event. Super excited that day, decided to went a bit rock and edgy that night.

Who the hell wears a hat at night? ME LA!!! lol.

Killer Tiger long sleeve T. Love it so much!
RM10 ONLY!!!!

I am so sorry that none of the photos show the whole tiger's face.
Sorry tiger... T_T

After some days of make-up, decided to let my face and skin rest a bit. No-make-day for Tuesday's Nuffnang premiere screening of Mae Nak. LOL! Did I told you I won RM100 cash for being one of the best commentator as well? SUPER LUCKY OR WHAT!!!


Frame x Loose Knit x Sundress

In my recent fav rock-ish sandals. RM20 ONLY! LOL!

MIYAVI's concert night! That was probably the luckiest night of the week! Get to see MIYAVI perform on stage is surely a dream comes true. Or should I say, I don't even dare to dream about it, so does the rest of the MIYAVI's fans in Malaysia. But he did came, and we did saw him, and yes.... One of the best thing that happened in my life!

Smokey eyes x Red lips.
I'm going to seduce him lololol.

A hint of neon colour accessories.


After seeing all these photos in general, I have one conclusion: I need a new bag. Hahaha. I've been reusing the same bag for all outfits. I feel so jelak (malay, means so full of it until wanna puke) already!!! lol.

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