Monday, July 2, 2012

Fitness x Fashion

As I told before, worked at this Fitness for Charity event at Wangsa Walk Mall last Saturday, on behalf of Amber Chia Academy. Amber Chia Academy is one of the participating brand and sponsors for this charity event.

Early morning

Amber, Benjamin our catwalk guru, Jil Yong the make-up guru
Jackal the photographer and successful male and female models.
New brochure, looking gorgeous everyone.

Quite a lot of people that morning, some celebrities are even her to support the charity cause. Registration fees of RM35 per person are all contributed to National Kidney Foundation. You can have a try of how fitness class feels like before taking up a package at Celebrity Fitness.

Sporting the Sporty look with Amber.... banner. lololol.

Non-stop exercising for 3hours+!

They were doing Zumba, Sh'bam, dance class with DNA Perrea and Body Combat. I'm attracted by those upbeat music as I love dancing alot and am already thinking of taking up fitness class package for a more healthier lifestyle.

Or I should do it at home, alone dancing like a crazy woman? lol.

Miss those dancing days...

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