Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Do you like Taiwan fried chicken fillet like I do? Sometimes I can just eat one fillet and call it a meal, so yeah, I love Taiwan fried chicken so much you have no idea. lol.

Le bf's colleague told him that there's this *kinda* newly opened (one or two months already lol) Taiwan fried chicken shop at Pavilion's Food Republic, so went there yesterday, wanna compare see if this is nicer than Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. 

豪大大鸡排 Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

This outlet is kinda secluded, we can't find it for the first time, then we make a u-turn and saw its sign board from the other side. It's inside, near Hot & Roll and beside Crumbs.

Ordered Combo 1 and Combo 3, which is the large chicken fillet and the chicken cutlets. I didn't saw there's Combo 4 which is chicken cutlets in garlic flavour, I wanna try that for my next visit. Combo 1 include one large fried chicken, and a drink, choice of ice lemon tea or mineral water. Combo 3, chicken cutlets, includes one sweet potato and drink.

They will only cook upon order to maintain the freshness of their fried chicken. Need to wait about 3 minutes so while waiting, we watch some funny Japanese introducing this fried chicken promo video playing at the outlet's tv. The Japanese keep on saying: 很好吃 (Very delicious) in the video. lol.

Is it???

Jeng jeng~

Fried Chicken!

Over 30 cm, steaming hot and spicy (you can choose your own spicy level), juicy and tender. Wuah~ Itadakimasu!!!

Ok la... That's not mine, mine is the chicken cutlets combo:

Chicken Cutlets and sweet potato

Their chicken are fresh and juicy, kinda spicy (to me) but delicious for spicy food lover. Their sweet potato is fresh as well as you can taste the sweetness of the potato, and the sour + salty outer crust brings your taste buds to a new level.

First time I feel my face is small.

I think finishing a 30cm fried chicken all by myself is quite impossible, le bf say he feels so freakin full after he finish the fried chicken all by himself. 

Next, I want garlic flavour chicken cutlets!

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