Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm so blogger-influenced

Sorry for all those quick blogging nowadays... Don't have time to edit photos and do a long ass blogpost still. Maybe have to wait till next week only able to do one. Gosh! Will try to adjust my time and see how.

Yes, like what title said, I'm so blogger-influenced. Not only suck up at Japan and cute products, I am influenced to buy what other bloggers introduced in their blogs of products and so. Yeah, social media almost empowered my buying power nowadays. #bloggeradvertisementdoneright

Some recent beauty hauls:

Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence

I bought one Lucido-L hair products not long ago but I realize it's not giving any nourishment to my hair but a styling product #failbuyer. So I bought this treatment essence the other day. I only use it twice but already felt my hair become softer and smoother. Even le bf keep on touching my hair. lol.

Will keep on using it see if it really gives deep hydration and keeps my hair healthier than before.

Esteny Hip & Leg Power Tight Gel

After reading review from Jenny's blog I searched for this and found it in SASA. Hesitated to buy it at first but yeah... gave in and bought it. My first ever skin tightening product. Can't believe I need one already. lol.

After tried it for the first time, I like it sooooooo much I wish the hot feeling lingers longer. I didn't if it's meant for tightening, fat-burning or removes cellulite, but I do wish it will shape up my body contour especially my hips and thighs.

Last but not least, jeng jeng:

Rainbow Color contact lens by Cheesie

It's been quite some time I didn't wear color contact lens. I bought this from SASA as well and I do hope the quality is better than what I've used before. Will update more bout this soon!


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