Saturday, July 14, 2012

KARA Meet & Greet

Rush all the way from Port Dickson back to KL Sunway Pyramid just to meet KARA. Lol.

I'm so lucky to be picked as one of the winner for the MTV Asia Facebook KARA fan meet & greet session. Best of all beside this fan meet, I get 2 passes to MTV World Stage as well!

Reached Sunway Hotel before the appointed time but heck all we do were wait and wait and wait...

No personal cameras no autograph allow no this and that tons of restriction. Just a group photo taken by official photographer. Lol. I like it how they do it last year where I went to Neon Tree's meet & greet session. That time there's so much interaction with the band...

From seeing them till walk out from the room, everything happened for less than a minute. But gosh they were so pretty I admit I got starstruck. Haha.

Can't wait to see them perform their song 'Mr.' tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow full schedule as well... And gonna party at MTV World Stage! Woohoo!!!

Good night everyone.

P.S: Happy 1st Anniversary my love. ^_^

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