Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Had my dinner at Tempt Gourmet Restaurant 炭味食. The place is like so classy but actually they sell char siew, roast pork, roast chicken with rice or mee etc. Kinda Hong Kong style.

I'm starting to be aware of my daily calories intake bcs I think I'm starting to gain weight again. People are telling me I'm skinny I should eat more but what I am now doesn't make me look good in front of a camera. So I'm kinda hoping my weight can back to like how I was before. Le bf been feeding me good food haha so I'm super fine under his care lololol.

Found this Calorie counter called My Fitness Pal yesterday and it does calorie counting a breeze. Besides checking the nutrition information from the package of food you're consuming, this app actually let you scan the bar code of the package and search if they have the food's information in their database.

Your daily progress is uploaded to their database as well so you won't have to worry of you leave your iPhone/iPod behind, you can still access your information through their website and update your progress.

Can't arrange the photos I'm gonna upload because I'm blogging this through Blogger's iPhone/iPod app. They don't allow photos arrangement nor photos captioning. I hope they'll do some improvement about this tho, hence the confusing photos you're about to see.

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