Saturday, July 7, 2012

Malaysia Fundraising Awards Gala Dinner

I'm not invited as guests for the Gala dinner but I'm strutting the runway on the red carpet as model that night.

It was a such an enjoyable working experience with all the models from Amber Chia Academy and catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong. Can't get enough of them making jokes and telling those juicy gossips!!! (Not criticize people those kinda la ok? We're not bad people lol.)

Literally shocked everyone when they saw my hair able make a big bun.

Le Pink Kebaya for me of the night!
Loves it!!!

Final touch-up before the show.

Hari Raya is approaching.
Want Kebaya as beautiful as this!

Yes, strutting the runway with Amber Chia that night.
She's stunning, as usual.

I thank YOU for having me in the show.
The pleasure was mine. :D

I super loved my make-up that night. Make-up artists from Amber Chia Academy did it for me. I like how she focus on the foundation and base make-up before start to apply eye-makeup and all. My dark eye circles and eye bags were all gone!

Can't get enough of selca. Haha. ( Selca = Camwhore. Selca sounds wayyyyyyy better, terms from Korea? Yeah. I shall call camwhore as selca from now on.)


Still feeling a tad bit tired even though had a good rest today. Will blog about the Grand Finale event of UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Malaysia soon! Stay tune!!!!


dblchin (double chin) said...

The big bun looks gd on u!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL thanks to the hair and make-up artists on that day! :D