Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012

Found out that I get to go to MTV World Stage 2012 in kinda last minute notice.

I entered the KARA Meet & Greet contest through MTV's Facebook page and I have no idea I will win the passes to see them! When the person from MTV call me, I was like is this a scam or something lololol. Not just get to meet KARA in person, I get 2 express passes to MTV World Stage as well!!!

One and only photo with KARA
I like Goo Hara so much, she's so dolly in real life!

Just got the email from MTV so post the photo up here hehe. Now back to MTV World Stage thingy.

Had to cancel 1/2 part of le bf's planning due to this last minute notice but he keep on saying never mind, as long as get to spend the time together he don't mind the changes. *touching* Thanks love. This MTV World Stage Live is the first concert we went together. Kinda wanna see how le bf is during  concert. lololol.

We plan to miss Justin Bieber's part because he's the opening artist for this live and none of us like him nor his song. No, we don't hate him, just don't like him either... Neutral. lol.

Heard can start queuing from 3:30p.m. and gate opens at 6:15p.m. We start to head to Sunway around 5p.m. That's how chill we are lololol. Just happens to be super lucky to get our car parked about 5 mins after enter the car park, so... yeah, we didn't miss Justin Bieber's part. lol.

En route to World Stage~!

Not that crowded at the entrance. 

Photo wall! Purple~!!

The purple slippers I'm wearing were bought from last year's MTV World Stage merchandise booth. I was kinds hoping to see the MTV booth this year so I can buy another pair of slippers. Too bad, no sign of them in sight.

Express passes yay~!

I just got 2 passes, and it's me and le bf's 1st anniversary so of course I'm bringing him without any doubt. Sorry for those who ask me why I didn't bring you, because I don't have extra ma. lol. Actually no privilege for express passes also. We just queue up like everybody else. Don't know what these express passes are meant for anyway. 

LOL! I got the normal tag! WHY!!!
But as I've said, no difference ahahaha.

Get to walk a bit inside Sunway Lagoon theme park before reach the Surf Beach. Saw a beautiful tiger roaming in its enclosure and gosh I think if I reach out my hand I can touch it lo. So dangerous yet beautiful!

Walk walk walk to surf beach and overheard some people say why so far one. Not really that far la ok? Walk a while treat it as exercise lo! Then le bf told me we should go to Sunway Lagoon one day, and yes! I would love toooooo~! As long as it's a weekday hahahaha.

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 starts NOW!

This year show starts quite early, and 6:35p.m. Justin Bieber is on stage performing already.

Yes, lots of fan girls at the front.

Justin Bieber

Didn't attempt to go near the stage because it's just impossible. So I'm waiting for Justin Bieber's performance to be over and slowly move forward hahahaha. So by the time the last performer Jay Park, me and le bf were literally 5th row from stage. Super near!!!

 Took some videos of that night's performance:



To be honest, his performance was just average. His vocal is good but don't know why, I just can't find the 'WOW' feeling when watching his performance. So for those who compare him to Michael Jackson and say he's better than the King of Pop, you need to get some brain check yo.

 Second artists performing is KARA:

Collage of KARA's performance



My favourite song from KARA - Mister

They didn't talk much during their performance and only one member Nicole Jung is doing the talking. I guess she's the only one who can converse well in English? But so happy to see them perform live. Oh those sexy movements!!!

3rd artist of the day - Mizz Nina~! From Malaysia Kuala Lumpur:

Mizz Nina

I guess there's some technical problem during her performance but still she did her best in her part. Damn her dance crews were awesome!!! 

Last but not least, JAY PARK:

Jay Park

He can sing so well, rap so well and dance so well. When he sang a part of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend gosh~ He sounds better than Justin Bieber himself! lol.

Count on Me (Nothing on You)

Some songs from his new album were good too! 

Me and le bf didn't stay till the end, hence we didn't saw the finale and the confetti, but at that time, we're on the roof top parking trying to go to our car and we saw lots of confetti in the sky, all the way from surf beach to Sunway convention centre's roof top, amazing!

I guess I'm kinda lucky to get to see awesome performance by some international artists like them. 2 years in a row~!!! Sad to say that last year's crowd were more amazing, when 30 Seconds to Mars perform the jumping and singing and hands all up in the air, I can't forget those magical feeling.

Looking forward to see who is gonna perform in World Stage 2013!

Beautiful sunset
14th of July 2012

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