Saturday, July 21, 2012

Siew Kah 萧家

Being a KL-ian and didn't had Kajang's hot and spicy soup before kinda make me feels shameful. Kajang is well-known for its satay, there's even satay museum in Kajang. For Chinese, besides satay, there's this Hot and Spicy soup(non-halal) which they say: Must eat at least once when you go Kajang.

Le bf try to locate a shop by google it online but to no avail, so we chose the one restaurant that's the first result from google search of hot and spicy soup - Siew Kah.

Restaurant Siew Kah

Typical Chinese restaurant. Nothing special bout the interior decoration. Placed our order and our food came quite fast.

Hot and Spicy Soup 辣烫

With lots of black pepper and ginger, this is Kajang's famous hot and spicy soup. Like Bak Kut Teh, there's meat, either fat or lean meat and you can even mix with pig intestines or liver etc but yucks, I don't eat those, so we just ordered lean meat to be put into the soup.

At first I was like: not that hot and spicy what. Then as time goes on, it becomes hotter and hotter and then you just can't really drink the soup without yelling "Wah so hot" or "I need ice water". Hahahahaha.

Hot Pork Belly 火爆肉

One of the nicest method to cook pork belly. I'm so in love with this dish I keep on feeding those meat into my mouth lololol. Very much alike with the Salted Fish Pork Belly 咸鱼花腩煲 just minus the salted fish and add some more spicy in it.

I would definitely order this again during my next visit.

Beside the two mains, I ordered a snack-ish dish that looks like this:

Salted Egg and Butter Chicken Wings 咸香鸡翅

I'm a super big fan of butter and salted egg dishes. When I saw this on the menu I just have to order and try it. Too bad salted egg and butter doesn't go well with chicken wing, or should I say the method of cooking? This dish just doesn't taste right.

Both of us have super hot tummy after fill it with all these hot and spicy dishes. Each of us had to order two drinks to chill our tongue in order to finish the meal. The spiciness really not play play one lol.

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