Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Been to TGIF once or twice but didn't really try their main courses till le bf brings me to. It was his so-called planning of a "romantic dinner" for our first anni. Ok la quite romantic la lololol.

I'm a steak person, and a mushroom soup fanatic. Still in the search of one perfect steak place. In my opinion, TGIF's steak is pretty decent.

Yes, everyday Friday please!

"Houston do you copy?"

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Very rich, very creamy, almost like a bowl of chowder instead of soup. Should be called as mushroom chowder or something. Loaded with lots of mushroom chunks, me likey!

New York Strip

Yummy steak it is topped with Maison Butter, juicy and tender. Sides are cheddar cheese mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. This Australian chilled air-flown grain-fed strip steak kinda bring my taste buds to somewhere near heaven.


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