Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sun, The Sea & Everything Lovely

Went to Port Dickson for a short trip, it's the 1st anniversary of me and le bf. *throws confetti* Kinda funny how people nowadays started to celebrate monthversary instead of anniversary (people like me ahem) and I'm kinda glad we made it through the 'month' state and now in the 'year' state. lol.

My last visit to Port Dickson... I think will be like 9 years ago, day trip, didn't stay there. In fact, I never  PROPERLY stayed at Port Dickson. The one night me and my friends spent when we're in high school time was sitting at the beach till the morning comes then drives to Malacca. Crazy yeah? I always wonder is Port Dickson a nice place for trip, finally... lil wish came true.

Out of proportion a bit as the car was moving when I snap this photo.

Glory Beach Resort

*happy happy*

*Apartment style*

2 person staying in one apartment unit is kinda big and a bit scary. The decorations, furnitures and bathroom were tad bit old, but still I try to not relate all these into haunted apartment or something. Shall fill every bit of these 2 days with sunshine and sea waves. hehe.

* Sorta counted as sea view right? lololol*

After checked in and place our stuff in the apartment, we went for a walk. Wanna see how's the surroundings and what sort of facilities they have.

*The SEA! I wanna jump into the sea~!!!*

*Saw this purple dinosaur and I just can't not take a photo with it lololol.*

Guess what, you don't need to go to Terengganu to see sea turtles anymore, as Glory Beach Resort has set up the 1st sea turtle hatchery centre in Negeri Sembilan. Only one type of sea turtle available currently, which is the Hawksbill turtle. 

*Ohai lil cutie~! One of the cutest animal babies*

*I swear I was a lil touched by this magical animal...
They look so innocent and make you wanna protect them*

After 'explore' around the resort, we head back to our apartment and wait for the sun to go down a bit so we can go to the sea... And we very funnily brought along a DVD player to this trip. Hahaha. We just can't think of anything else to do anymore except watch tv with channels they provide, or DVD we bring ourselves.

*Secret Garden. Such a nice K-Drama!*

And while watching drama, I start to apply Sunblock body mist. I just can't wait to change into my newly bought rainbow two piece swim wear and go sunbath or soak in the sea water. God knows how much I love sea.

*All set, ready to go to the seaside even though the sun is still high up in the sky....
It's like about 4p.m.+ that time lololol.*

*Super happy~ With my love at the seaside.*

There's absolutely no sight of other people at the seaside. I start to wonder is it still too early or the sea is just kinda dirty as it seems. It turns out to be the latter one.

*See! No one!*

*Le bf found this dead crab somewhere near where we're lying at. lol.
Ain't it cute?*

*absorbing sun's energy lol*

*Is time to get wet now~!*

The beach and sea water may look clean but it's not. There's so many hidden rocks at the shallow water le bf accidentally knocked one of it and the side of his foot bleed. YIKES!!! I start to recall those shark attacks stories which urine and blood draws them near the shallow water and then I start to imagine there's this hungry shark that will just jump out from the sea and chomp us down. 

Besides, when walking inside the sea, all kinds of soft yet funny feeling send from your feet to your brain, like don't step on what! The water is murky so we can't see what we're stepping on. I don't wanna go into this sea anymore.

Both of us just sat there... Listening to the waves and let it wash up on us. After some time, I just can't really stand with the murky water and occasionally greenish-mold all over-sea grass floating around I demand we change place to the resort's pool.

There goes my first ever go-into-the-sea-experience in recent years. The memory of this sea is so dirty I wanna cry. Now I know why no one goes into the sea already.

*Lying on the deckchair beside the pool before we head to the beach*

Feeling quite a lot of dissatisfaction bout the sea and also about the swimming pool. I thought it was private? At least just open for resort residences or something, but no. Anyone can come and jump into the resort's pool.

There's this bunch of Indian man and women whom I think living somewhere nearby just randomly jump into the pool and start playing games. Shouting and screaming like they own the whole place. The peaceful feeling just gone like that. Haihz. I seriously think they need to 'clean-up' the place and their management on resort's facilities privileges.

Nonetheless, had some good exercise, swimming and diving and choking on water because I kinda forgot how to dive into the water and exhale using mouth already. Need more practice!

*Just keep swimming~ Just keep swimming~*

Seafood as that night's dinner. Did some searching in foursquare and found this Sea View Restaurant with some decent comments, so there it is, our spot for dinner.


*Eat and enjoy the sea view, literally. lol*

*Super big fan they have blowing at me, can't help doing some selca again hahaha*

*Tom yam soup*

*Dishes of the night, all ordered by me~!*

Their salted egg crab was average yet expensive. Hokkaido at Pekeliling near Jln Tun Razak taste way better. Tom yam soup from this restaurant is salty as well. The dish I like most is the vege. lol. But still, I'm thankful for this wonderful dinner, thanks to le bf~!

Blissful night walk at the sea side that night. Talked bout nothing but just enjoying the sound of waves and the sparkling star that fills up the sky. At that very moment, everything is so peaceful to me. I'm glad that we can make it to this short trip.

Did I tell you besides turtles, they have bunnies and tortoise as well? LOL!

*Cute bunnies hopping around~!*

It rained so heavily in the middle of that night that we heard loud howling sound following with a loud bang which scared the shit out of us but we're too reluctant to get out from the bed and check out what's happening we fall back into sleep instantly! LOL.

And found out in the morning that it's the tree branch that fell off and hit the aluminum roof below.

So cold in the morning and I kinda don't want to go for breakfast. We did went anyway, sorta late, about 9a.m.? 9:30a.m.? Can't remember lol.

*Ridiculous walking disaster*

*Breakfast - nothing nice except the toast bread. Seriously.*

Went for another walk after breakfast and this time, manage to peeked into the turtle hatchery centre which they buried the eggs inside the sand. So nothing there to see lol.

*At the very end of the rocks~ The rocks stretch all the way out to the sea so I consider as standing at the not-so-shallow of the sea already.*

Thank you le bf who did all the planning and bring me to this short trip. Although it's not a rare place nor a extravagant one, but we're together spending the days are what meant most.

*Thank you for willing to walk with me...
Glad to have you in my life.*

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