Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary + 雅-MIYAVI- Appearance

Went to Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary and the Launch of Good Goods Japan. The whole "I feel like I'm in Japan" atmosphere is just awesome. Everybody is wearing Yukata at the reception counter. When I reach the Concourse Area of Pavilion, performers are playing traditional Japanese music. Suddenly so zen the feeling. lol.

Kei, her bf, Kaede and her friend (my secondary school junior as well) were there standing and waiting for none other than MIYAVI to appear at the event. Yes, shocking news for all of us when we first knew that MIYAVI choose Malaysia as his first stop as a start to enter the South East Asia market. 

After knowing existence of MIYAVI for 7 years, there he is, at Malaysia, standing on the same ground like all of us here. We were so excited until we get all emotional - hyper, scare, almost cry some more, all sorts of mixed feelings, pretty hard to describe. If you adore some artists, then you know how it feels like when you get to see them with your own eyes, plus in a near distance.

And he's not like other ordinary artists, he is MIYAVI, if you know what I mean. lol.

Waiting patiently... 

We waited for Japan Ambassador and other VIPs to be seated and do the opening speech. At that time I was waiting for my friend's text, hopefully she'll saw my text and able to 'grant' me the access into the event area. As some of you may know, that day the area was closed, only for invited guests. 

I waited and waited and yes, lucky star shined above me, she replied and ask me to bring all my friends along to go into the event area. I was so excited I asked Kei them all follow me in. Then suddenly everything became kinda chaotic, fast paced and drama/movie like....

Without us noticing, MIYAVI is there, walked passed us and stood in front of us, not far, just about 2 person's distance. We were like: Har? How come? Why suddenly? Why didn't saw him walked pass? He's here!!! THIS IS REAL!!!!!!! KIYAAAAAAAA *fan girl mode ON*

Photo by Kaede
Super near right!? Told ya!!!


Out of sudden (probably heard us talking and squealing sound), MIYAVI turns his head around and smile at us. I swear at that very moment, my heart paused for a second and it is almost hard to breathe, definitely hard to believe that all these are happening, in my life! I kinda feel like I'm in heaven already. 

MIYAVI went up to the front and gave a short talk. Thank God I found a place that able to see him clearly, asked Kei and Kaede to come. Stood there screaming and smiling and taking photos/videos non-stop. I still can't believe all this is happening.... OMGOMGOMG! (Even until now, the feeling is so surreal.)

In his suit, shades, no make-up... This is him - MIYAVI.

He can converse so well in English I bet most of the people there are shocked. His American English slang is just so... WOW. LOL. Ok la, everything about him is 'WOW' to me lolololol. Recorded a video of him speaking English right before his acoustic performance starts.

Nice right? Haha.

There starts MIYAVI's acoustic live as a special performance for Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary celebration.


Please ignore my annoying fan girl scream. Sorry!!

Everything is dreamlike. I think I'm quite emotional that time, seeing MIYAVI standing in front, I felt like crying. All sorts of memories rush back to me, 7 years ago till now. All his songs that I used to listen to, from how he was become how he is now.... A totally different MIYAVI than before. He's so man now!

Haha, snap a shot of us while MIYAVI rest and talked a bit before the second song.
Kaede so focus on MIYAVI lolololol.

I just record the first song because I wanna enjoy his performance more. I believe that I record his performance with my eyes and store it inside my brain, something that will fade bit by bit as time goes by, but whenever I recall this day, the feeling never dies. His powerful vocal, his dancing feet, his talking, his fingers dancing on his guitar...

2nd song - STRONG

Everybody enjoyed his performance. Clapping and some even dance to it. I'm glad that he made a good impression through his music to Malaysian whom doesn't know who he is. He made us unite as one through his music. That's what he's been doing all along...

Photo taken from Pavilion's facebook.
MIYAVI with the VIPs of the night.

After his short performance and photo opportunity with the VIPS, we watched him walked pass us again and leave the Concourse area. I'm so near to chasing him already... But I didn't. *regret*

Photo by my junior Sundae Soon.

Bumped into Akmal, the TOP 5 finalists in UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS. He's working in Pavilion. Hahahahaha.

So cute la him hahahahaha.

Me and Carol - primary schoolmate XD
Many many thanks to her, I get to see MIYAVI in such a near distance.
She's my lucky star ^_<

Apparently, this is only the FIRST day of MIYAVI's schedule in KL. I can't make it to his autograph session due to Nuffnang's premier screening T______T but I made it to his concert!!! Had so much fun that night and the luckiest part is....

Will blog about is soon. SOON!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha

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