Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Top 20

Did the fitting and shooting for the Grand Finale event of Uniqlo Uniqlooks Malaysia today. It was such a fun experience, and not to say - stress free!

I am so nervous that the production team might give challenging tasks during the shooting but no, it was a breeze. I am totally being just myself in front of the camera because there were no one to ask me do anything also.

I find my face quite swollen in the morning... Sigh, big round flat face of mine will be showing to the audience this Friday. X_X

And I recall I did some pretty ugly facial expression in front of the camera as well... Lol. Hope they'll upload the short clip onto YouTube.... I wanna see how hideous I am. Haha.

Now, I need ideas of mix and match for the outfit I chose. Have to be very hardworking browsing thru magazines and online street style website like look book these few days.

Wish me luck!!!

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