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UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Malaysia Grand Finale Event

This grand finale event took place at KLPAC, it's my first time been there as well. You know, I got so lost in finding the road to go into KLPAC and actually the Sentul West is the main entrance lololol. Now I know.

After Choon (director who is in-charge of this whole UNIQLOOKS event) briefed us about the schedule and all, we're off to rehearsal. When I saw the white inflatable cube tent, I just couldn't stop feeling wow! There's a lake in front the cube tent, so yeah, pretty view we have there.

But guess what, the inflatable cube tent is not meant for rainy days, and coincidentally, it rained heavily that day. So this will be the first time you witness how the 'original plan of venue' looks like. I think not even the guests that attended that day know about this 'primary venue'.

White x Red
That's so UNIQLO!

Bigger, longer and white runway. Can you imagine how desperate we contestants are to hope that the rain stops immediately? But instead it rained heavier and heavier, FOL!

Rehearsal... in bed hair. 


We have to redo the rehearsals again, again and again because there's quite a few sets of it. If you manage to get into Top 5, another sets of choreograph. Ya, basically we 'walked' a lot that day. lol.

White inflatable cube tent, so pretty isn't?

After done rehearsing... Here we are, at the café doing chit-chatting and waiting for our meal.

What's for our meal...?

Toast garlic bread, mushroom soup, mango juice

Black pepper chicken chop

The BEST meal I ever had with local production team. Normally what we expect were fried rice or chicken rice or mixed rice but this! Yummylicious~! Maybe because we're not working for them la that's why we get all these nice treatments hahaha.


After meal, it's make-up and hair-do time.

Sweet~! I haven't curl my hair for such a long time!

Basically we tell make-up artists and hair-stylists bout the looks we want to achieve and then they do our make-up and hairstyle according how we want it. Then, the confusing part is, there's two looks for that day -

First look: "White-Tee" challenge - you only can mix and match using a white tee you choose from UNIQLO on the fitting day, which is very important because doing it right will take you to the next challenge, if you failed, then sayonara, you'll just be the Top 20 finalists then and remain backstage.

Second Look: "Winning Look" - Impress the judges with your mix and match skill with the any-one-item you choose in UNIQLO on the fitting day as well. The winners (one male one female) gets to go to any major city that has a UNIQLO store.

Yeah, I asked the hair to curl my hair for my 2nd look and tie it up neatly for my first look so that I can let my hair down to achieve my second look. I didn't know it's hard to understand she tie it loosely for me lol.... Or it IS confusing?

Half way through hair styling and make-up, we're called to go rehearsal again. This time together with the host of the event Julie Woon.


Okay, this whole huge and comfy backstage thingy just didn't happen because of the rain, same goes to no TV for us at the another venue as well. So yeah, sad max.

Top 10 female finalists' secret weapon

The yellow stripey thingy hanging on a hanger is mine. And so you wonder why I didn't win. Maybe I didn't take care of my clothes nicely lololol.

The half-way-make-up-then-got-called-to-rehearsal look. Hahaha!

Rehearsal for numerous of times again, in the end have to rush make-up and change our first look and shift our stuff to the second venue as well. Mad rush. The show started and I'm still kinda blur. lol. Hence I forgot to took any photo of my first look. DX

Eyeliner x Red lips

Make-up artists who in-charge of my make-up keep on praising I can carry this kind of heavy looks and my brows and my lips etc etc, not sure if she's praising her make-up skills or what lolol.

The event started and onto the stage we go one by one. I'm feeling quite nervous that day.

My First Look
Photo taken from UNIQLO Malaysia

I had some hard time thinking what to match with the white tee. I took the size of XL because... It's easier to match with anything? Ahhh, I really don't know what was I thinking lol. 

We're being told to create a plain but not boring look, casual chic style with UNIQLOness. LOL. I'm so not UNIQLO for my first look. OTL.

Yeah, I didn't get into Top 5.

My Second Look
that doesn't make it onto the stage.

This whole UNIQLOOKS contest is such an awesome experience. The Top 20 finalists are a bunch of outgoing young lads that each has their own unique taste in fashion. It's great to know more friends that have the same passion in fashion as well as fashion industry.

Kittie. She's a fashion designer! 

Xuanti, she's just so lovely!
Girl next door kind.

Gosh I love her looks in UNIQLOOKS website!

Who is a fashion designer and blogger as well.
She non-stop taking photos that day!

With the beautiful host of the night - Julie.
I love her she's so nice!!!

Unable to take photos with all the Top 20 finalists on that day, like what some said, already missing each other already. UNIQLO fams FTW!

Thank you for those who supported me and voted for me during the voting period and make all these happened. I can never be more thankful for you guys' support. Same goes to le bf who took the snap for me, who voted for me every single day and went to the event to support me as well. Thank you very much love.

Thank you for Seisyun's support, Kei and her sis Kaede who came to the event as well!
Thank you girls~! 

Some memorable group pic of UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Malaysia 2012:

Top 20 Finalists.
Photo by Queenie.
Samsung Galaxy Note really so powerful!

Woohoo~ It's a wrap for the event!

Top 10 Female Finalists
You Go Girls!

The UNIQLO UNIQLOOKS Malaysia 2012 Top 20 finalists with Satoshi Onoguchi-san.


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