Monday, July 16, 2012

UNIQLO ユニクロアプリ

If you like UNIQLO as much as I do, you won't wanna miss the applications they made and released for smartphone users. 

Available for both IOS and Android devices, you can now have UNIQLO Calendar and UNIQLO Wake Up apps. 

First, about UNIQLO Calendar:

Clean and lively

Why lively? Because there's upbeat music and short clips showing the lifestyle from various places of Japan on top of the calendar.

Weather forecast available as well!

If you love Japan as much I do, you'll be enjoying watching the short clips. And guess what, if you're bored of one, there's 8 short clips for you to choose from:

You can download it right in the app.

For users who are using iCalendar or Google calendar, this app can link to your Google calendar as well to keep all your calendars up to date. Just simply do the set up to link with your Google calendar in the settings.

The 2nd app, which is the app I like most, is called UNIQLO Wake Up.

Alarm clock app it is.

Everything you need to know at the start of your day!

As your alarm goes off, there's this very gentle, cute yet cheerful voice along with some light piano music telling you about the time, what day it is and the weather and wish you a good morning! As how you've seen in some movies or dramas, where their alarm clock told them the info of the day, UNIQLO Wake Up did almost the same too, but minus the serious feeling but more to cheering up the day for you.

And there's more, its 'Tune of the Day' is depending on the weather. So basically - different weather, different tunes you're waking up to! The music were composed by Yoko Kanno, a famous anime music composer for anime such as Macross, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop.

You can view world clock in the app as well.

Now you can start your day in the UNIQLO way! Stylish yet comfortable.

Download UNIQLO apps now for free:

For Apple user:



For Android user:


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