Friday, August 31, 2012

Autobots, Roll Out

Transformers yam cake. Hahaha what combination is this.

Cake cutting!!!
Happy Birthday to you again.
(Xuan doesn't let anyone cut the transformers picture. Lol.)

お誕生日おめでとう Xuan

Happy birthday to Xuan! 4 years have passed, time really flies. From a 70cm infant has now become a 4years old boy.

He's been celebrating his friend's birthday at nursery hence he knew what to expect at one's birthday. He's been requesting a lot of thinga like cake and presents, and demand others sing birthday song to him. Lol. 

There's nothing I want more than you being healthy and happy always. (^-^)

One of today's programme - kids playland!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Days Movie Marathon

Hell yeah! Watched 5 movies continuously in 5 days since Saturday! Some of them are courtesy of Nuffnang (Thank you!).

I really love movie watching in cinema, beats anytime watching movie in DVD at home. The huge screen, surrounding sound system, the atmosphere + there's snack and icy cold Coke available, I'm glad I can watch so many movies in cinema for the past 1 year! (Thanks to le bf.)

Me and le bf talked about the movie we just watched a lot, sometimes the movie's joke or funny detail got so into us we involve them into our daily lives. LOL. We will give the movie star rating of our own as well, am glad that our taste in movie viewing are quite similar. lol.

So, here are the after-view notes of the 5 movies I've watched earlier:

The Dinosaur Project
The title sounded kinda like Jurassic Park, isn't? I just watched its trailer for once and the only word I can relate to is "chaos".

 The scenes actually compiled from 100 hours footage of live cam and yes, very much expected to be feeling nauseous while watching the movie. I expect it will be dizzy and so but I didn't thought it will be THIS dizzy I can't even look at the screen all the time, have to look away, rest a while and resume watching. Do they know how audience feels like when watching a compilation of shaky, moving footage?

Can't really see most faces of the dinosaurs except a few, I feel kinda disappointed that those dinosaurs actually look fake and glossy. Jurassic Park's dinosaur is wayyyyy surreal and the movie is filmed at year 1993.

The Watch
Ben Stiller! I'm into American-style comedy, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler are my favourite, so I'm quite excited to watch this movie. Some more I didn't watch its trailer before, I don't know what the movie is about, so it's pretty exciting for me.

Kinda sexual-oriented one I say, those topics the guys are talking in the movie, but quite funny as well. There's some thrilling action scenes as well, a pretty good combination I say. If you like Ben Stiller, you've watched Tower Heist and think it's not funny, trust me, this one is a good one from him.

Sadako 3D
Japanese ghost movie, it's been awhile. I'm a big fan of horror movie, this is my first time watching Japanese ghost movie in 3D if I'm not mistaken.

I've watched The Ring when I was small with my childhood friend, and freaked out totally that my house phone rang right after the movie end lololol. Such a good timing. So this is another movie I'm looking forward to.

The whole movie plot was a bit lame, some parts are quite 'wtf' as well, but the main actors and actress are handsome and pretty so it made up a bit for those previous flaws. The atmosphere for the movie isn't creepy, but I felt quite shock with those scenes that the ghost reaching out for you. It happened quite number of times as well, all in 3D, like in real life there's ghost reaching out for you. Quite real I say.

Pretty good experience of ghost movie in 3D.

The Possesion
Another horror film. It must be something to do with Chinese hungry ghost month, so many horror films showing recently.

If you like The Exorcist, Haunted House in Connecticut sorta horror movie, this one is for you. It's based on a true story, not one with intense plot but full of emotion ones. The love of a father to his child, and it's quite an eye-opening movie as it shows something related to Judaism.

Premium Rush
Okay, This is is quite bias a bit as I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I subconsciously think that if he's the actor, the movie is gonna be a good one. Turn out I was right for this time as well, Premium Rush is a good one by him!

Him being the bike messenger, him being the one that has no fear for death by the way he rides, enjoying each and every moment of his job, that in the end completed one single task that's so meaningful that brings smile onto audiences face.

Are his movies all so meaningful ones? Like the previous one 50/50, a young lad that finds out he got cancer and try his best to fight'em and live his life to the fullest. I'm sure JGL fans are gonna love this as much as I do! *his smile, I melt*

Well I guess that's pretty much for this week. I'm gonna be away to Ipoh for this weekend, gonna celebrate Xuan Xuan's birthday, so no movies for the rest of the week. lol. And yeah, 3 days holiday this weekend, I'm pretty sure there's some good movie out there for you and your family/love ones to enjoy!


Faux bijoux, royal blue, puffy sleeves and knee high socks for yesterday's coordination.

How I wish that Malaysia is a four season country but that's not gonna happen for like as long as I live, I'm still having fun,playing dress up according to season. Fall trend are quite suitable for people who are afraid of cold a.k.a attack of shopping mall aircond.

Top: (actually a dress) Times Square
Shorts: Night Market
Knee high socks: Sox World
Strap wedges: Vincci
Bag: Times Square
Faux bijoux: Night Market

Loving the royal blue colour that pops out so much from the rest. What's your favourite colour this Fall?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Like Chocolate

If you know this song, you're probably the same age like me, or born around that era hahahaha.

Floral, girlish and sweet are the keywords for today's coordinate.

Did some changes of colour for eye make-up, mixed 3 colours together - brown, dark brown and pink. White glittery liquid eyeshadow for inner eye corner and lower eyeline.

Floral dress: Times Square
Pants*yes there's one hiding under lol*: Sg. Wang
Bag: Times Square
Wedges: Cotton On

I'm craving for chocolates right now lol.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Probably the only restaurant I haven't been to inside Leisure Mall. LOL. (Oh wait, Subway too! But no, that's not the point hahaha)

Ever since I tried Din Tai Fung, its delicious food really made a freaking good impression in me and I think I use Din Tai Fung as the guideline in judging Chinese restaurant's food. The victim today is....

This is not my first time visit Dragon-i (but the first time to Leisure Mall's), and I'm quite unsatisfied with their food and service.

RM9 for a basket of Xiao Long Bao, four of them.

It's not really a good price. While Din Tai Fung selling RM12 for 8, they're selling RM9 for 4. Okay, let's put the price aside and see whether it is as nice as Din Tai Fung's... but no. Broth a bit salty, lack of the aroma of meat in it but tasted more like salt or other flavoring. Meat fillings and its dough skin were just nice.

Sour & Spicy Noodles Soup

Too salty. They tend to put a lot of salt in their soup I guess. Super thirsty after I had some of the soup. Maybe it doesn't have braised beef in it, so the soup taste a bit like mixture of salt + chili oil, but not a bowl of flavorful soup that fills the tummy and heart.

Ordered my favourite lotus paste fried pancake

One of the dish I like most in wedding dinner, lol. This tasted kinda hard at the crust, unlike those fluffy, flaky thin ones we had in Chinese restaurant during wedding banquet, and lack of lotus paste aroma. Boohoo.

Tang Bao

It's filled with crabmeat soup in it. I'm quite eager to try this ever since I saw a photo my friend posted few years ago. Finally! Its soup is full of crabmeat taste, very tasteful. After I finish the soup, I thought of open it up and eat its meat fillings inside but I got dissapointed - no meat! T__T

Steaming hot soup + plastic straw. I kinds wonder who thought of this concept. Have to wait for the soup cold a bit before I can sip it thru straw. And while I thought there's meat inside, I used the straw poked the inside of the bao a few times, then....

Soup leaked.

Basically I just had 2 - 3 sips ONLY and that's it! No more soup and no meat. T___T FML!!!!

Speechlessly sip air.

Street Rock

Eyeliner really is an 'eye-opener' thingy. Been lacking pencil eyeliner in my make-up collection, finaly bought Maybelline's crayon eyeliner for just RM5++ at Guardians!

The whole look just changed after I draw the eyeline of upper and lower eyeline.

Went a bit street style rock today in my coordination with a dash of fall season feeling.

Jacket: UNIQLO
Top: Kitschen
Shorts: Night market
Shoes: Vincci
Bag: (?)

The fleece jacket is so soft and warm I kinda glad I wore this today as the cinema at Paradigm Mall is kinda cold. Had some pretty good scare also lol.

Hopefully won't get any nightmare tonight. *pleaseeee*

Monday, August 27, 2012

Galaxy Nails : How To

I'm a big fan of galaxy prints, I'm quite sad that there's so few of galaxy items available around KL. I saw a pair of galaxy pants last week but I didn't buy it because it's kinda out of my budget. *boohoo. Anyway, there's something 'galaxy' which I can own by doing it myself and CHEAP! 

Yes, Galaxy nails it is!!!

If you have tons of nail polishes in various vibrant colours and don't know what to do with them, galaxy nails is the answer for you!

First, you need these:

I'll have 3 colours for my galaxies. 

Black colour and clear glitter are MUST! Black colour nail polish will act as the base and clear glitter nail polish will be sparkling stars. I'm using make-up sponge, you can get these sponge easily at Daiso, RM5 for 10.

Le poorly applied black nail colour.

Apply colour of your choice on the sponge.

Dab it on!

I'm not a person that's good in doing things precisely, so most of the time 'free & easy' is the way I'm always seeking for. I find it's exceptionally easy in doing these galaxy nails myself as I can dab the colour anywhere anyhow I like. Upper corner, lower corner, left or right, how also can. LOL.

I'm one of those who can't paint own right hand nails well, guess what, I can do galaxy nails both hands with no problem at all! (Except a bit clumsy while doing my right hand's nails and nail colour stained skin around my nails + left hand fingers lololol.)

Overlay 2nd and 3rd colours of your choice.

You may need to repeat dabbing a few times on the same colour to make the colour pop.

Last step: Apply glitters on your nails.

I applied 3 - 4 coats of glitter nail polish on my nails. They really look like stars. Don't over do it, as a lot of glitters may cover the colours that you just dabbed on, then all you can see are just glitters, no other colours.

Voila! Galaxy Nails.
*super LOVE*

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Din Tai Fung

I'm not a big fan of Chinese cuisine. Really. I prefer mamak over Chinese food anytime. LOL. Kinda weird as people around me like rice more than anything, but my appetite is just not too 'Chinese' I guess, but here's one Chinese restaurant that I like - Din Tai Fung.

Awarded 1 Michelin Star, Din Tai Fung that started from Taiwan has been voted as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the World by New York Times. Finally, I can try their secret recipe Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao.

Xiao Long Bao everywhere.

The restaurants is uber crowded! Luckily they still have table for 2 when we arrive because mostly people come with their family, hence need a bigger table. If there's no empty table available, customers will have to take number and wait for their turn.

Peach drink le bf ordered.
It seems no one has this info online, I can't find the name of this drink at all. lol.

Jeng Jeng Jeng~ The delicate 18 fold Xiao Long Bao.
Oh my~ Drooling now. 

This is not my first time had Xiao Long Bao before, but is the first time I encounter a Xiao Long Bao so delicate that the first one pick, it broke and the broth just blended into my bowl of spicy and sour soup lol. I have to slowly pick another one, and complete the Xiao Long Bao eating ritual. lol.

Guide to eating a Xiao Long Bao:
1. Pick the Xiao Long Bao at its tip and place it in your spoon.

2. Bite off the tip, sip all the broth inside the Xiao Long Bao. (Caution, hot soup!)

3. Savour the remain plump and juicy meat of the Xiao Long Bao.

Ahh~ I want one basket of Xiao Long Bao nowwww!!!

Braised Beef Soup La Mian

This braised beef soup la mian is the nicest I've had so far! Its soup is clear but tasteful, with beef so tender, braised in perfection. Simply flawless!

Hot & Sour Soup

The spiciest hot and sour soup. I can't really finish my portion (which is half of the big bowl) due to its spiciness, but I really like it! Spicy + Sour stuff is the best!!!

Din Tai Fung seems to be a really good choice to bring my parents! Hopefully without waiting because my dad hates to wait lololol.

I miss you so much, Xiao Long Bao
Wonder when will we meet again, lol. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Cat print is da boom!!

Going to bookfest now.