Thursday, August 23, 2012


Some last few photos I took from my iPod and then some from le S3. Past weeks fashion. 

Monotone. Exact outfit like how I did in the first round of UNIQLOOKS contest.

Accessories from F Block and Kitschen.

F Block sheer long shirt
UNIQLO white tee
white pants

Overall look minus the head. lol.

Was told that I could change to a different style of make-up from how I normally did it. More of a Topshop kinda style. I'm still wondering how 'Topshop make-up style' looks like. But since I sign up for Pinterest, there's so many stuff about make-up and looks I pinned on my board. Those are gonna be my guidelines and inspiration for make-up!!!

Summer Beach style. First time wearing contact lens from Rainbow Color, a brand by Cheesie from

Light make-up + ponytail.

Wore a short denim inside as I'm heading to mani + pedi session that day.

Sandals. What can be more complete for a beach style other than sandals? lol.

Decided to go funky.
Doraemon t shirt with a tight mini skirt and a cat bag.
That day was a cat day. meow.

Hebirote stuff.
Hebirote = Heavy rotation, stuff you wear again and again.

Side swept bangs. Was told doesn't look like me.

Beige x Blue.
Laura Ashley UNIQLO bag. 

Haha who roll their sweater around their waist these days?
15 years ago, this is what we called FASHION!!! LOL.

Snoopy UT x Heart shape harem pants

Photos of me holding phone in white case/ pink polka dots case are from le S3. Does the quality improved? I can just see some SLIGHT improvement on the quality. Maybe because of the lightings OR I've used applications to do some editing (montage or filter etc) so compressed hence appears a bit blur still.

Will try to steady my hands (S3 cameras are super sensitive! Even the slightest movement will make the photo blur abit T_T) to get more nice quality photos or.... ask someone to help me lolololol.

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