Monday, August 13, 2012

August is here!

And I'm all hype about snow cape! LOL! It's hot out there recently but I just can't resist wearing one whenever I went to mall. lol. Looking like a freak that doesn't afraid of hot weather of Malaysia hahahaha.

Here's some of my past week(s) look/outfit of the day. I edited all these in the middle of the night, and there's more, I can't take it anymore hence this should be part 1 I think lololol.

Just woke up from nap, look super sleepy here lol!

Top: Forever21
Floral Shorts: Nichii

Overall look. 

Student Look 

School days in KL are perfect for T-Shirt days.

Maigod, super geeky I don't like. lol.

When your college is in the heart of KL, the only option you have is jeans and t-shirt. 

I find no reason for wearing nice cardigans or nice dress or shorts (don't even mention bout short skirts) to school because you know, it's totally uncomfortable to wear those when you have to walk between school buildings which located at public street (yeah, no big school compound or whatsoever, is like walking from block A block B, super insecure.)

Even more, public transportation as the ONLY method to get to college. With all those foreign workers in metrobus (if you're unlucky that this one comes before rapidKL), you know what I mean right? 

Snow cape again! LOL!

Clearer (I guess) photos of how the tiger looks like.
Super love it!!! 

Match with a lace tights this time.


At some days, don't feel like putting on make-up, but still dress up A BIT, so there's photos of the outfit coordination. lol.

Snoopy UT and Orang Easy Leggings.
Both from Uniqlo. lol.

First time trying this look. Don't what it should be called.
Mori girl? LOL.
Hoodie sweater and long skirt with Converse shoes. 

Then this day, is the MODE-est day of all. Probably the ONLY MODE style outfit I have lol.

Pearl Collar: F-Block

Another dress that I super love.
Sheer, puffy sleeves, feels so princessy whenever I wear it!
And it's only RM10!!!!

Sheer tights with black and white oxford shoes.
Looking for a pair of chunky black heels. 

That's all for now.

A part from the next update will still be photos from my iPod but following will be from my new phone already. No more low resolution photos already! But I find its camera way too sensitive, even the slightest movement result of your photos will be a bit blurry.

Need a pair of super duper steady hands, or better - someone else who knows how to take photos. (hint hint le bf lol.)

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