Thursday, August 16, 2012


Visited Kampachi at Pavilion, 6th floor for the first time. I had to admit, this visit changed my life, my view and my selection towards Japanese food, a whole lot of it.

I just knew it was a branch from Equatorial Hotel's after looking at foursquare tips.

First experience of Japanese Fine Dining, probably the first time to have food that's so expensive I kinda rubbed my eyes when going through their menu. lol. I gulped when I saw one piece of Uni Gunkan Maki costs about RM40! ONE PIECE ONLY!!! I didn't ordered that, and now I kinda regret that I didn't.


Good service they have.

After years of eating Japanese food, this is the first time I ever heard of flavoured Japan green tea. When the waitress asked us what flavour of green tea we would like to order, I kinda stunned. Eh? Flavour? I thought there's only one taste of green tea, which is GREEN TEA or Genmai Tea which both tasted almost the same. Hahaha. Apparently the world is so big and I only know about 0.010% of it. lol.

We had peach green tea. There's still many selection of green tea from different prefecture of Japan, quite expensive too.

Chawanmushi. Super nice!

Then... We decided to order some Gunkan Maki, Mentaiyaki and Wagyu Sukiyaki. Kinda excited because I'm expecting super fresh Wagyu beef and this is my first time trying Sukiyaki as well. LOL. So many 'first time' I'm like kampung girl  *paiseh max*.

Ebikko, Ikura, Salmon and Hirame (flounder fish)

You probably saw quite a few times of me saying this but still I have to say it: This is my very FIRST TIME consume raw fish, and my friend were like: How can! Hahaha. I know I know, I missed a lot of sashimi in my life but now, I've learned to appreciate the superb taste of it and I will never ever miss it again.

I guess I have to give Kampachi credit for giving me the courage to try their salmon sushi because I believe they serve super fresh salmon to their customer. When I place the salmon into my mouth, the fish meat kinda 'melted', along with the aroma of rice and wasabi, my taste buds were jumping and dancing in joy. It goes the same with the hirame sushi. Ahh~ I still remember how they tasted like.

That was sorta like appetizers for us, and now, the main course - Wagyu Sukiyaki:

Was asked to have the chef cook for us or we wanna d.i,y, we opted for d.i.y but....

We were so noob we don't know how to cook Sukiyaki and we end up asking for help...
The waiter (or is he a chef???) helped us cook our Sukiyaki, in front of us. lol.

Super duper nice looking wagyu beef~!

Some raw eggs to add into our bowl of Sukiyaki.

This is how Sukiyaki looks like.

Actually to cook Sukiyaki is kinda simple, you just add the vege and add Sukiyaki sauce into the pan gradually and that's it. lol. After the sauce were boiling hot, dip the beef in the boiling sauce for awhile, be sure not to overcook the beef (if you like medium well cook ones like me).

Raw egg are meant to add into the bowl, not into the cooking pan.

As we're eating our Sukiyaki, here comes the Mentaiyaki that added a lil bit of imperfection for this whole fine dining thingy...


I'm quite a big fan of Mentako after trying it at Sushi Zanmai. Been constantly searching it everytime I'm in a Japanese restaurant, trying to find and order one or two mentaiko dishes, but this.... Kinda made me feel geli.

I mean, mentaiko doesn't taste too badly fishy smell right? When me and le bf first put these small pieces of mentaiko in our mouth, the smell is kinda bad we kinda have to force ourself to swallow it. Oh my... I wonder is it our problem for haven't try a whole row of Mentaiko before or the problem is at this Mentaiyaki itself... Le bf kinda being forced to finish more than half of it. Gomen ne... >_< Too expensive cannot waste it, have to finish all even it's smelly. T_T

Quickly finish it with the Sukiyaki and beef. lol. I really can't stand fishy smell at all. OTL

Lastly, decided to add on a dessert dish to made a perfect ending of this first experience of Japanese fine dining:

Abekawa Mochi

Warm glutinous rice cake covered in crushed sweetened cashew nuts sesame seeds. Soft and nice. Probably some of you may think mochi can be bought in Petaling Street or night market hahahaha but this is the only non-ice-cream dessert they have on their menu, so... lol. 

Minus the Mentaiyaki tasted a tad bit funky, I'm quite satisfied with this dining experience. Some say the original Kampachi restaurant that located inside Equatorial Hotel, their dishes tasted even better. 

I sorta wondering, which Japanese restaurant in KL can topped Kampachi, I'll be looking forward to have a try!!! :D 

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