Friday, August 3, 2012


Watched some movies lately, and find that 60 - 70% of them seriously cannot make it... Is like I don't even understand why they will produce such thing.

Let's talk about the good ones:

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Fishy title isn't? But it turns out surprisingly good. I missed the opening a bit but was able to catch up soon. A comedy romantic film, both the actor Ewan McGregor and actress Emily Blunt are my favourite.

Funny script, postcard-like beautiful cinematography and how the director Lasse Hallstrom and script writer Simon Beaufoy managed to tie dreams-faith-possibilities-duty-honor and love together in one movie kinda amazed me.

I especially like the Sheikh's character, a visionary man that wanted to do fishing in the desert. Kinda impossible you would say? But they made it possible.

And here are the rest that some don't even worth a mention =_="""

Silent House

Got this free movie passes to its premier screening from Laogao. I feel quite anticipating for it due to its unique directing style - one shot uncut till the end of the movie. I am so curious how the director gonna make it, and thriller some more... But it was quite disappointing.

Not to say its directing style gives me headache, most of the time can't really see the surroundings clearly, only focused on the actress Elizabeth Olsen (her boobs are quite distracting...) and her crying is quite annoying. Only 2 or 3 parts that makes you sit up and wait for what's going on but most of the time are just 'meh'.

Even the ending isn't a strong one. When the movie ended I can hear laughs and lols and like laogao, the first thing he say after this movie is 'WTF!' Hahahaha. Yes, really is, WTF MAN! This movie sucks.

Mae Nak

I always have good impression for Thailand-produced ghost movie. I remember how gory and somewhat scary it is for their famous ghost movie like Long Khong, The Shutter and the four mini ghost movies that combined into one.

Took part in Nuffnang's contest for Mae Nak. I didn't see its trailer due to I wanna see the movie myself but... I LOLed so hard throughout the movie. It's like a comedy instead of horror movie. No gory scenes, no thrilling scenes, nothing. Just a bunch of comedian-like actors and actresses and very ancient-like cinematography hahahahaha.

Karma Reborn

I guess this kinda topped the list of the most funniest, stupidest and WTF-ness movie of all. In Chinese it's called Bak Kut Teh... Besides of asking the actor to cook the soup, nothing bak kut teh related (Unlike the Char Siew Pao HK movie we watched years ago right? Kinda haunts viewers for some time and don't dare to eat char siew pao)

Rated 18, but nothing gory, just over exaggerating sound effect, a bit of blood.... You call that a 18 rated movie? You must be kidding me. Even Shark Night and Piranha series are better than this. Not to say, I had major headache after watched the whole movie. Some couples even left the cinema hall after 15 - 30 mins the movie showed.

Seriously, is not that people don't want to support local production, but at least don't give audience something nonsense like this. I felt kinda cheated you know... T_T

After watched these shitty movies recently, I really wanted something good to made me forget all these nonsense. I'm currently waiting for 3 Stooges, Total Recall, Bourne Legacy, oh ya and Hantu Gangster by Namewee as well! :D

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