Sunday, August 5, 2012


Le jimui Peiyue helped me bought a coupon deal for manicure and pedicure session at Toood Salon located at Platinum Walk. It's been almost a year I went to fix my nails, plus damn cheap and worthy I guess - RM19 for services worth RM120, so why not?

She being all excited since the day before because this is her first time! XD

After lunch, we went there. It was a small nail bar located inside hair salon, run by a young lady. She's the only one who does all the manicure and pedicure hence we spent about 2 and half hours there. lol. 

I guess the hardest part of a manicure session is - What nail colour/design I want. Everything looks so beautiful, it's a very tough decision, but I kinda limit myself to not go too wild as you know, models can't have vibrant nail colour and stuff. 

Samples... Beautiful samples. *drools*

Didn't do extension or gel type because wanted it to be simple (and cheap) so just went with nail art.


Started with pedicure...

Cut away all the cuticles~!!!

From what I remember, the nailist cuts and trim my nails and foot callus, did a scrub for my lower part of legs and...

Foot mask. LOL! Foot also needs mask ok?

She then massage my legs with moisturizing lotion after the mask and then, painted my nails with the colour I want.

Nudy pink bling.

She keep telling me the colour can barely be seen because is too sheer, but I assure her is okay that's what I want. lol. I want something nude anyway.

Patiently drawing laces on Peiyue's nails. 

We chose the same design but different details.
There were roses drawn on Peiyue's nails.
Mine has crystals stick on'em.

The whole thing cost about: RM19 coupon deal + RM28 for designs + RM5 for crystals (about 20 of them). RM52 for this manicure + pedicure session. Is like the cheapest I ever know of!  Plus a good quality time with my girl friend, super worthy isn't?

Just can't get over french nail design lol.

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