Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Probably the only restaurant I haven't been to inside Leisure Mall. LOL. (Oh wait, Subway too! But no, that's not the point hahaha)

Ever since I tried Din Tai Fung, its delicious food really made a freaking good impression in me and I think I use Din Tai Fung as the guideline in judging Chinese restaurant's food. The victim today is....

This is not my first time visit Dragon-i (but the first time to Leisure Mall's), and I'm quite unsatisfied with their food and service.

RM9 for a basket of Xiao Long Bao, four of them.

It's not really a good price. While Din Tai Fung selling RM12 for 8, they're selling RM9 for 4. Okay, let's put the price aside and see whether it is as nice as Din Tai Fung's... but no. Broth a bit salty, lack of the aroma of meat in it but tasted more like salt or other flavoring. Meat fillings and its dough skin were just nice.

Sour & Spicy Noodles Soup

Too salty. They tend to put a lot of salt in their soup I guess. Super thirsty after I had some of the soup. Maybe it doesn't have braised beef in it, so the soup taste a bit like mixture of salt + chili oil, but not a bowl of flavorful soup that fills the tummy and heart.

Ordered my favourite lotus paste fried pancake

One of the dish I like most in wedding dinner, lol. This tasted kinda hard at the crust, unlike those fluffy, flaky thin ones we had in Chinese restaurant during wedding banquet, and lack of lotus paste aroma. Boohoo.

Tang Bao

It's filled with crabmeat soup in it. I'm quite eager to try this ever since I saw a photo my friend posted few years ago. Finally! Its soup is full of crabmeat taste, very tasteful. After I finish the soup, I thought of open it up and eat its meat fillings inside but I got dissapointed - no meat! T__T

Steaming hot soup + plastic straw. I kinds wonder who thought of this concept. Have to wait for the soup cold a bit before I can sip it thru straw. And while I thought there's meat inside, I used the straw poked the inside of the bao a few times, then....

Soup leaked.

Basically I just had 2 - 3 sips ONLY and that's it! No more soup and no meat. T___T FML!!!!

Speechlessly sip air.

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