Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fringe T

I know fringe for hair, but I don't know that T-Shirt with its bottom cut is called fringe t-shirt. lol. Anyway, I'm gonna diy my t-shirt to a fringe t-shirt and I'm gonna show you how. Easy as 1 and 2 only, no 3. lol.

Got a T-Shirt that you wear and wear and wear and you feel a bit sien about, but it's still in good condition/you like it/don't feel like donating it YET? I got this idea from dunno-where (most probably in a magazine/internet) and I was thinking: Hey, this is a good idea! I might just try it on one of my t-shirt! Besides, t-shirts are a big hit this summer, so why not?

First, get yourself a pair of scissors... and the t-shirt that you're about to cut.

One of my favourite t - dslr camera t. 

Then you just cut it. From the hem and go upwards till your desire length. I cut'em till my where my rib bones are. Remember to stretch the fabric (with fingers/legs or ask someone to help you) before you cut to avoid dog-bite-like cut. Haha. It took me few cuts to realize this. *fail*

Good thing about this fringe t thing is that you don't need to measure each of the fringes like cut how many cms width or cut all in real straight lines. Freestyle.

Front side done.

Deng deng deng~ I can haz Fringe T!

Goes perfectly with a pair of shorts.

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