Thursday, August 2, 2012

Items - July

Some small stuff  小物 I bought throughout July... lol.

America Flag pouch...
by dazzlin? LOL!
Bought at pasar malam tho. haha.

Diva sales!
Studs and head bands. 

The bitter-est grapfruit gummy. Oh my god...

E-ma candy! One of my favourite!

Popcorn Pen
Found this at Isetan, am so happy about it
But turns out have to heat the writings to have the popcorn pop-up effect OTL
Waste of money... X_X

Not a fan of Hello Kitty
but RM5.90 black frame specs is what I need for a no-make day!

Sailor Moon Complete Collection
One of my childhood dream came true!
Thanks le bf bought this for me.

Super cute, round cat plushie~!!!
Le bf bought it for me as well~

Concealer running out, bought Candy Doll's
And first time purchase - eyebrow colour from KissMe
I can have less-fierce eyebrows now hahaha

Bought the wrong colour earlier OTL
Here's Storm Grey and Earth Brown~!

Towards a Japanese gyaru life. LOL!

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