Friday, August 24, 2012

Katy Perry - Part of Me 3D

This is one of the nicer movie I've seen recently. Feels like I'm there, witnessing and feeling her one year world tour. Everything in this movie is just so WOW! Kinda like watching her concert as well.

The journey of her from when she's 5 years old till who she is now, this movie shows how struggle and desperate she was before she be the next big thing in music industry, shows how appreciative of her to her family, her friends, her fans and her crews, shows what a person she always is - Katy Perry.

I feel all kinds of emotion from watching this movie, but the thing I really wanna hold onto is - be who I am, because that's what matters most. Never give up, believe in myself.

Okay, I'm gonna play Katy's song over again and again for some days I guess. Lol.

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