Friday, August 10, 2012

雅-MIYAVI- Live in KL 2012

25th July 2012, one of the unforgettable date in my life I guess, because it is the day I witness a Japanese rocker that I've been liking since years back performed right in front of my eyes. It is such an amazing moment that's even better than a dream come true. (I think most of the MIYAVI fans wouldn't even dream about him coming to Malaysia, but... He DID!)

Thanks to a creations, I got my tickets, at Chill Zone.
I foresee the people in that zone are there to chill only... 

A small part of the crowd following by a long queue which extend till the roadside of Jalan Ampang. 

It is a small concert, but each and everyone of us are super excited. We've been waiting for years for this concert of MIYAVI to happen, and yes IT IS HAPPENING! (I still can't believe it happened.... lol. Fan girl much?)

Kei & Me, both bought MIYAVI's concert merchandise.

I guess this is the very first time I owned a singer's concert merchandises. One towel and one t-shirt cost RM160... I can see le bf's wallet bleeding, but still thank you for buying these for me! So much love!!! Wanted the black t-shirt but it is out of stock already~! Got the Day 1 T-shirt instead.

Going into the concert venue... 

Chill zone located at the upper floor of Stage, KL. While all the hardcore fans were in the Rock Zone, I'm the only one that's gonna be syok sendiri and chill zone then. I thought it was gonna be awkward (maybe to people beside me?) but nope, MIYAVI totally made me lose myself that night! Hahaha. 

Rock Zone fans.

Simple stage setting - only a set of drums, electronic tuners and microphones. 

Guests appearance are Malaysia's very own beatboxer Koujee and rocker violinist Dennis Lau. 

Koujee impressing everyone with his beatbox skill.
The 'bass' he create sorta better than those music ones!

Watch Koujee do his thang here!!!

And that's not all, have you ever seen beatbox collaborate with violin? I haven't, and they totally blew me away with their collaboration. I'm so proud of Malaysia have some talented people like Koujee and Dennis Lau.

Dennis Lau x Koujee

5 minutes+ performance!!!

And, and, and right after Dennis and Koujee's performance, here comes........


The fans (and me as well) just literally went crazy screaming MIYAVI's name over and over again. When he strum his guitar, it is another high again. 


The closest I can get. Ahhhhh~~~

MIYAVI's powerful vocal stunned most of the people there. Kei's friend says MIYAVI sounded much more better in this live than his CD. I pretty much agree to him.

Here's him and us fans sing-along for A-HA(one of my fav!):


I gotta thank Kei for sending me MIYAVI's song to me before watch his live performance. It makes me feel more easy and able to enjoy his performance because of the familiarity with his songs. I even camp infront of my laptop and youtube his songs. LOL!


Ahh~ Drown in his powerful voice...

I didn't took much of his photos nor videos, just some essential ones, as I wanna practice the 'put down your recording devices and enjoy the concert' kinda thingy. Memories that'll fade away is what makes memories precious isn't?

He sang about 10++ songs at once, and made an encore as well. During the encore session, he suddenly took of his t-shirt, threw it at the audience, spit and splash water at them as well. Everybody literally went crazy that time! I wish I was at Rock Zone too T______T

His tattoos! 

I don't know how to make audience go crazy, but MIYAVI surely does know how to. After taking off his t-shirt, throw it to audience and splashing water, here comes the climax - ZERO DISTANCE WITH FANS!!!!

OMG Fans that's standing there are so lucky!!!
I also wanna molest touch MIYAVI!

The concert ended perfectly, with his fans breathing heavily because of all the jumping, screaming and singing. It was one of the most energy consumed thingy I've done in recent months! Feels so happy and satisfied~!

Surely have to thanks all the sponsors and managements who made this happened! Without all the efforts, we won't be any near to see him perform in Malaysia. This is a one big step for JRock fans in Malaysia and we hope there's many, many more to come!

And that's not all for me... Thanks for a creations invite me over, I get to stay back for the after party~!!!

Wafa and Sheena, pretty ladies of the night.

Guess whose leg is this!!!!!!

Ok I can die peacefully now
I'm totally speechless I don't know how to caption this photo
Thank you to everyone who made this one lucky moment of mine happened!

with drummer - Motokatsu-san (元克)

Funny thing is I try to converse in Japanese, and MIYAVI try to talk in English. lol. He even gave me and le bf love advise hahahaha. OMG MIYAVI LOVE GURU! I'm gonna remember of whatever he says to me that night.

Thank you MIYAVI for coming to Malaysia~!!!
Thank you everyone who made all these happened!!!

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