Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Like Chocolate

If you know this song, you're probably the same age like me, or born around that era hahahaha.

Floral, girlish and sweet are the keywords for today's coordinate.

Did some changes of colour for eye make-up, mixed 3 colours together - brown, dark brown and pink. White glittery liquid eyeshadow for inner eye corner and lower eyeline.

Floral dress: Times Square
Pants*yes there's one hiding under lol*: Sg. Wang
Bag: Times Square
Wedges: Cotton On

I'm craving for chocolates right now lol.

1 comment:

Lisa! said...

Hey Reiko!
It's so much fun seeing you back to blogging!

You've changed so much, all for the better.

I found you after googling Din Tai Fung. I wrote a review of that place, glad we both thought the food's excellent!

Looking forward to reading more from you. :)

PS: I should maybe give a feedback that your comment section is hard to use for someone that doesn't have a google ID. :(