Thursday, August 2, 2012

The House of Toi

My first time trying Zang Toi's café food is at Benefit's very first blogger party. I still remember that those finger foods were yummylicious back then, and since that, I always have an impression that "Zang Toi Café = good food".

This time, I manage to taste Zang Toi Café's REAL food, erm... I mean, main course. lol. Not finger food anymore. 

Located at 4th floor inside Parkson of Pavilion, Zang Toi Café which is called West 57th Street used to be at Sg. Wang. Yes, they moved here years ago. lol.

Food has never been more fashionable!
Light blue with white ribbon, love!!!

The whole interior is full of mirrors. Beautiful mirrors! I tell le bf next time if I'm rich, I'm gonna get one of these mirrors for my room's decoration. lol. Super nice can!

West 57th St. Cafe.
Name also atas already. lol.

Their menu is quite simple, so I opted for set menu A. It comes with the house fruit punch, a main course and dessert. Surprisingly, the price isn't expensive at all! I was quite happy to see my set costs only RM16.90, 3 courses some more.

Fruit punch. Refreshing.
What's best? Bottomless!

Here comes the moment of truth - Main course:

Signature Chicken Mayo Sandwich

Although the chicken meat is not tender enough, but its bread is the best. Crunchy max! Fresh vegetables for salad as well. I really love it!

And this le bf's choice:

Chicken Chop

I didn't try this but according to le bf it was yummy enough. If only I have more time.... ( That time we're actually trying to grab a quick dinner because we're going to watch movie after that. Still... late for the movie's opening lololol.)

In my opinion, their dessert is the highlight of the meal:

Signature Chocolate Banana Cake

Seriously, this is the bomb! The soft and moist chocolate sponge accompany with a strong scent of banana, different texture of layers with banana fillings, warm chocolate fudge and cold ice cream combination, this chocolate banana cake is truly a signature indeed!!!

Lime Cake

Although it's not a signature dessert, but still it's delicious. They made it so well that other cake shop's cake are pale in comparison! Soft and hint of lime blended so well together, so nice.

Makes me wanna eat cake, NOW!!!

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