Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vietnam Kitchen

One of the most significant daily question between couple is: 


Everyday between me and le bf, we have to attack each other with this question when he/me is unaware of. lol. Example: When sending him to work, listening to radio and all, suddenly he calls me and ask: dinner eat what? Or when watching advertisements and trailers in cinema, I will suddenly turn to him and ask: tomorrow lunch eat what? Hahaha. Always have to think of when to strike the question.

Decided to eat Vietnam's for dinner, and the only Vietnam cuisine I can think of is - Vietnam Kitchen.

Newspaper-like menu. lol.

I had Vietnam's for dinner, once, many years ago, and all I can remember about it is their chicken wings. LOL. Gonna try something else this time then.

Vietnamese interior decoration.
Very much alike with Chinese. 

Braised peanut, appetizer.

Vietnamese Coffee with Milk.
Super 'gao' and aromatic ones.
Don't try if you can't sleep with just Nescafe. lol.

House Platter

Kinda wonder what's the white, round thingy, it was meant to eat with those veges and meat.

Lots of vegetables.
There's vermicelli and meat, as well as sauces to go with.

This is made by rice.
Apply water on this to make it softer, place vegetables and meat from the house platter,
roll it up and eat.

I had this - Lemongrass fish fillet.

There's some vegetables in between the fillets. The sauce goes well with the fish and I like it a lot. Plus it's kinda huge portion for me, I can't really finish all.

Overall it's a good dining experience at Vietnam Kitchen. Good services, friendly smile, food were okay in a reasonable price.

Then suddenly, I remember I have this one fashion show that were required to wear Vietnamese traditional dress called áo dài.

Vietnamese Fashion Show - Photo taken last year February.

I'm a Vietnamese princess that day. lol.

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