Saturday, August 4, 2012


My very first visit to German restaurant - Weissbräu. Located at 3rd floor, Pavilion, its interior design is quite German-ish, wood and barrels, so much traditional German cottage feel. 

Lots of words

I spent quite some time to fully read and understand the whole menu, as I'm quite fear that what I order isn't what I like to eat in the end, it will be a waste of money isn't... Plus, it's quite pricey for this restaurant, I have to really make sure I'm not ordering something I'm gonna regret. lol.

Didn't realize I took a snap shot with them as well ahahaha

Get to taste two of their dishes because me and le bf ordered two different dish... First, le bf's:

Bratwurst and Sauerkraut + Potato salad

Yummy sausages~! One of the yummiest sausages I've had. Juicy and full of meaty taste. That's what I call 'sausage'. lol. Dislike Sauerkraut because of the sourish taste but their potato salad is very nice!

Australian Rib Eye Steak with café de Paris

Fresh garden vegetables, yummy mashed potatoes, creamy butter-based sauce, but the steak is quite overcooked. Judging from its price, it's one of the priciest steak I've ordered recently but I really don't think it can even made it to my top 5 list. Worst than TGIF's.

I should've go for the pork knuckle aiyaya~ T_T

Anyway, thanks for the company ladies, appreciate much! (you probably seen some of the photos before already hahahahaha but is okay, I ran out of photos to post... Didn't take many of them that night. boo.)

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