Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

How's the celebration going on at KL?

I remember when I was a kid, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the fun-est time to play with family and neighbors. We play lanterns, candles, then got bored and play 'cooking' instead. lololol. Candles act as cooking oil, sand and stones are rice and grass are vegetables hahahaha. Who played like this before? lol.

Went to Aeon's arcade centre with Xuan and Lin today and watch them play, then play candles and lanterns at night. Walk around the neighborhood with lanterns and tell ghost stories(?what? hahahaha). 2 days of Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, had such a great time with all the family members.

The moon is so bright tonight, wish all of you a happy night well spend with family and friends. ↖(^ω^)↗

Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's been years since I celebrate Mid-Autumn festival outdoor. At KL it's almost impossible to have place to do such fun activities especially those that live at high rise buildings.

I'm glad I'm here with my love ones and seeing Xuan running here and there, play with candles and lanterns, it's truly something special.


Up until today, I've only been to Klang Parade 1 time in my life, which I don't have to drive there.

It's been quite some time since I drive to a new place all by myself and seriously, driving and looking at maps is no fun at all!

I turned to a wrong junction and almost went to Pelabuhan Klang huhuhu ◑﹏◐ Luckily managed to find the way back to town area lol.

Now with all the effort coming to Klang, I wish I have friends around here so I can have Klang Bak Kut Teh with them hahaha. Too bad, none. //(ㄒoㄒ)//

Friday, September 28, 2012


Succumbed into the good deals of coupon selling online and bought the manicure + pedicure session at CLP Beauty Salon that's located at Rampai Business Park. Excited to try it as it's quite near my house, if it's good I might go there often :D

The nail salon actually share the same unit with a beauty and spa salon so the first thing I feel when I enter the place is that it's very relaxing! Some more with soothing music playing in the background and dim yellow lights, I feel like sleeping already. 

Flower + Chinese herb tea and my favourite Julie peanut butter crackers.
Afternoon tea time. 

Quite pity that the manicurist there have to strain their eyes to do the mani and pedi because of the dim lighting there so they're using table lamp in white lighting to do the service. Customers can't really see the true colours of the nail colour samples available as well because of the light. Have to choose carefully before proceed to nail colouring as the colours can be different under yellow light/white light (natural lighting).

Pinkish ombre toe nails. 

I know the nail salon owner will persuade you to take extra services/upgrade services in a lower price, I did tell myself to brace myself and not to be persuaded but I failed. Add some money and did this:

My very first time doing soft gel nails, for my hands.

I kinda felt that people as clumsy as me need to do gel nails. I was told that gel nails are good for your nails as they protect your nails from break. My nails are super fragile and always start breaking at the side once it grew to a certain length. I never can keep long nails boohoo. Now that I have gel nails, let see how my nails will become!

When I did classic manicure, crystals/designs on the nails can't last long due to my carelessness, but this gel nails, the night after I did my nails I moved some of my stuff to my room, and surprisingly the gel protects the crystal and it can really withstand the outside force and not being peel off. I'm falling in love with gel nails *omgbroke*

Gel nails~ Super love!

Nude colours and glitters and crystals. 

I want to try more daring colours next time!!! Because I just took their packages in doing manicure + pedicure T_____T *omgbankrupt* But okay, at least I don't have to do my nails at my own for a long long longggg time of period.

Feels uneasy that I don't have full body mirror now, can't take clothes coordinate photos for a while I guess. I will try and solve this issue as I really, really love taking photos. I will be better, give me some time ya~! T____T

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

秋冬 Coordinate

Finally got my dream grey knit jacket at H&M yesterday, can't wait to put it on and live in my little own fantasy where Autumn Winter exist, right here, at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur lololol. If you saw somebody with knit cap and knit jacket walking around KL today, yeap, that's me.

You have no idea how hard it is to find a grey knit jacket. It has to have the volume, not as thin as cardigan, and buttons in front. I already have another knit sweater which doesn't have buttons at front, at times it can be difficult to put it on/off whenever I like. Before H&M open, I've already search through UNIQLO, F21, Cotton On etc but to no avail. UNIQLO has one cashmere jacket I really like, but guess what, it costs RM freaking 500!!! O_O;;;

But the search is over. H&M I heart you gao gao!

Grey eyeshadow match with le grey knit jacket lololol.

Today's autumn winter coordination

Top: Forever21
Skirt: ???
Knit jacket: H&M
Socks: Sox World
Oxford platform: Offline Blogshop
Clutch: MidValley
Knit cap: Night market

Tomorrow is beauty day with Peiyue! My coloured nails chipped, mani + pedi session come just in time hooray! Can't wait to see what nail designs available at the nail parlour tomorrow~!

Night all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Exclusive Tea Party with Aimer

Was invited to an exclusive tea party by Aimer last Friday at Parksons, One Utama. I'm glad I rush all the way back from Ipoh to attend this tea party because I had my eyes opened about lingerie that day. Will tell you more about it later in this post.

Sexy and sultry Gong Li, Aimer's brand ambassador

Aimer, founded in year 1993 and is now one of the leading lingerie brand in China. Designed by China's top notch designers, Aimer's lingerie are high quality assured as well as some of the materials are import from Europe. Since year 1999, Aimer Group has set up a laboratory in studying Asian woman body and consistently bringing innovation into the designs of Aimer's lingerie products.

If you ask me, I believe there are differences between brands from western countries and brands from Asia countries, just like cosmetics and skincare products. From what I've been told by people from Aimer, it really triggers my curiosity to know more about the brand!

Reveal You Inner Secret Within

The theme for that day's tea party is "Reveal Your Inner Secret Within". I never look at myself too much, as for someone who works as model + interested in beauty and fashion stuff, I find the time I observe myself are a bit too little, which is really not a good thing if you ask me. This tea party is really what I need to know more about myself.

It was presented by this graceful lady who is a certified image consultant - Josephine Lui

Throughout the slides, I saw how important it is that a woman's innerwear affects her outerwear and most of all, the confidence that lies within. Although I often feel playful in my clothing and make-up, elegant is what woman seek most. I want to age gracefully and elegantly (if can la, it requires a lot of hard work and knowledge to be one.)

Here are some tips for all the women out there!
Let's show our beauty from inside out.

After the talk, we're presented by these:

Cakes and cookies and pastries. Homemade! Delicious.
Diet?? What diet??? LOL.

There's this complimentary nail buffing and hand massage for the ladies who attended this tea party. Gosh the feeling is so nice I wanted to go for a full body massage now now NOW!!! (neck pain for sleeping in wrong position.) Then, I walked around with Tammy, Senri and Lisa, looking at the sales personnel of Aimer introduce their lingerie and as well helping my friends choosing the perfect bra for them. 

I hesitated. I was looking and wandering around the Aimer section but thinking to try or not. After some of them bought and chose, I can't resist and choose the most basic one and ask the sales personnel to fit the bra for me... And oh my, now only I knew I've been doing it wrong all these years!!! No wonder so flat. T____T I have to start practicing correct bra wearing method from now on to save my chest from getting flatter and flatter. 

Camibra. Aimer is the first brand that carries this design, super easy to mix and match with your apparel!

Thank you Aimer and Tammy for the invite. It was such a girly and lovely afternoon with all these female knowledge stuffed into my head and bra shopping experience (as well as stopped by a bra cop and got a 'saman' for wearing the wrong bra lololol.)

Aimer is now available at Sunway Pyramid, Parksons One Utama and Plaza Gurney! Visit them or log onto Aimer Online to know more about them!

Monday, September 24, 2012

H&M <3 Kuala Lumpur

H&M has opened its first store at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!!

Since its grand opening last Saturday, I've been seeing people posting photos onto Facebook that makes me so wanna go there and have a look what makes it different from other store we already have here. Being so random as me and le bf are, we decided to pay an impromptu visit to H&M just now.

Crowded, is the word I can think of. Long queue outside the fitting room and often blocking people/people blocking you around. lol. But overall I like the price I see there, and they sure have something different than others plus its wide range of products!

Can't help myself and bought something. lolololol. Thanks to le bf XD. Gonna visit the store with my friend again in the next few days, hopefully there won't be so crowded and seriously, I can't wait for it to held it first sale!

Hiruscar Post Acne Gel

For all these years since my teenager period, I've been dealing with post acne scar on my face. My mum and articles everywhere been telling me for not squeeze acne on my face but you know, teenager, especially rebellious ones like me, doesn't really listen to all these advices and end up I'm regretting for what I've been done to my face.

Being one who consistently need to be under the spotlight, acne scar is seriously a headache. I have to slap on lotsa make-up base, make-up base, liquid foundation and powder to make my skin looks smooth and even. In the end I got about few kgs of make-up on my face and believe it does not feel good at all!!! T_T

I want acne scar-free skin and all this while I only heard of cosmetic surgery such as laser, which I'm afraid of the side effect and the cost of it. I want something that has wayyyyyy low risk and affordable. If you are seeking the same thing like I do, the wait is over! 

The very first after-acne scar care product in Malaysia - Hiruscar Post Acne Gel! 

cute Hiruscar bear.

Post acne scar care gel!!!

The gel is easy to apply, fast absorbing, non greasy and pleasantly scented, more like a hint of pepper which I really like. Its formulation is also hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritation, can be used in conjunction with daily make-up and be a part of everybody's skin care regime. Most of all, it's an alcohol-free formula product which ensures there's no burning sensation on the skin after application.

Q&A session

With continuous and recommended usage, the appearance of acne scars will be less visible within four weeks. Hiruscar Post Acne 3-in-1 Scar Clear Formulation is clinically tested for to clear post acne scar in three simple steps: 

First, it improves and smoothens the appearance of pitted and depressed acne scars.
Second, it lightens dark spots and reduces redness after acne heal and
Third, it prevents recurrence of acne through its anti-bacterial properties.

For my case, as I already have acne scars for years, it'll definitely need more than 4 weeks. I've been using it since I got it and I love its texture, smell and I'm waiting for its magic to work~! 

Gracing Hiruscar Official Launch by Regional OTC Marketing Directior Medinova AG Thailand Pamela Tan and the Vice President of Healthcare DKSH Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Dr. Marc Michel Franck.

Thank you very much for bringing Hiruscar Post Acne gel into Malaysia. Getting a 'model skin' is not a dream anymore!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fabulous Finds

I've seen Beauty Box from Singapore and I'm so jealous that Singaporean girls have the privilege to access to this type of beauty and skincare service. And then I found out that Malaysia has this beauty and skincare giftbox service as well, which is known as Fabulous Finds.

If you're wondering what Fabulous Finds is, it is actually an online purchase of beauty and skincare giftbox in a low price + you don't know what's inside the box for your every month until you open the box that's delivered to ypur doorstep. To me, opening a Fabulous Finds box is like opening a giftbox from Santa!

With just RM35 per month, you will receive few items in a box, and some are full sized products that worth over hundred ringgit. Super worthy if you ask me. You can try these products before purchase them over the counter in full prize. Definitely is my cup of tea as I really like changing my skincare and beauty products, these open up alot of chances for me to try different products from different brands!

Go and buy yourself/ask your love ones to order them for you at Fabulous Finds now. Every month feels like Christmas to me now.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Small Mission Enterprise Premiere Screening

Directed by Douglas Lim, Small Mission Enterprise(S.M.E) made its premiere screening on the big screen at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Small Mission Enterprise is the first Small Medium Enterprises sitcom that'll be aired on Malaysia television. Its colourful antics and comic timing of all the talented casts are shining through the comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

Main casts:
Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Alvin Wong, Ruzana Ibrahim, Indi Nadarajah, Chelsia Ng

and my favourite: Adibah Noor

It is no ordinary sitcom, but an edutainment ones. Every week, the sitcom introduces different practical real-life situation and different dilemmas faced in business and possible solutions available for SMEs. Guests that attended to the premiere screening were among the first who watched the first episode and teasers from subsequent episodes of this rib-tickling sitcom.

Celebrities such as Azura Zainal, Ludwig, Xandria Ooi, Yuri Wong, Megan Tan and Cecilia Yong showed their avid support while cast members Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Alvin Wong, Ruzana Ibrahim, Adibah Noor, Indi Nadarajah and the delectable Chelsia Ng enlivened the proceedings with their presence.

The first episode will be aired on NTV7 on October 4th and subsequently be aired every Thursday at 9pm. This is the first time I realize that in all seriousness, running an SME can be pretty funny!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Had a chance to work as a model for a showcase of YODA (Young Designers Arena, not Master Yoda lololol) in Cyber International Lifestyle Trade Fair two weeks ago. That's the first time I encounter talented young designers in Malaysia as well as from our neighbour countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

I've heard about YODA since MODA 22nd anniversary and this is the first time I meet the designers and actually wear their collections for a show. It was such a great pleasure to get a the chance and work with them. A huge thank you to le bf who showed his support to me as well as capture some me-on-the-runway photos. Thank you love!! <3 p="p">

I love love loveee their designs!!!

Elegant bridal design, so much different from those we've seen in bridal shops.

Sophisticated work wear.

I guess this is everyday-wear? 

Particular fondness of runway shots like these. Haha.

Here are some shots from various photographers that tagged me in Facebook, credits to their owners:

Super like this picture can!!!

Fierce? :D

China fairy-alike!

Gorgeous shoes~!

Some behind-the-scenes:

with Gwen Chin. Look out for her, she might be the next big thing in Malaysia's model industry!

Super messy hair, took these in the middle of the show after change of outfits. lololol.

Happiest moment during a show was to know that there'll be bridal gowns to model for!


Made to perfection

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this happen. It was really a great experience to work with the team in such a fun environment. Thank you all! 

Hope that Malaysia's young designers will have their bright future in Malaysia and on the International stage! All the best to you all. See you guys soon~! ^w^