Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Exclusive Tea Party with Aimer

Was invited to an exclusive tea party by Aimer last Friday at Parksons, One Utama. I'm glad I rush all the way back from Ipoh to attend this tea party because I had my eyes opened about lingerie that day. Will tell you more about it later in this post.

Sexy and sultry Gong Li, Aimer's brand ambassador

Aimer, founded in year 1993 and is now one of the leading lingerie brand in China. Designed by China's top notch designers, Aimer's lingerie are high quality assured as well as some of the materials are import from Europe. Since year 1999, Aimer Group has set up a laboratory in studying Asian woman body and consistently bringing innovation into the designs of Aimer's lingerie products.

If you ask me, I believe there are differences between brands from western countries and brands from Asia countries, just like cosmetics and skincare products. From what I've been told by people from Aimer, it really triggers my curiosity to know more about the brand!

Reveal You Inner Secret Within

The theme for that day's tea party is "Reveal Your Inner Secret Within". I never look at myself too much, as for someone who works as model + interested in beauty and fashion stuff, I find the time I observe myself are a bit too little, which is really not a good thing if you ask me. This tea party is really what I need to know more about myself.

It was presented by this graceful lady who is a certified image consultant - Josephine Lui

Throughout the slides, I saw how important it is that a woman's innerwear affects her outerwear and most of all, the confidence that lies within. Although I often feel playful in my clothing and make-up, elegant is what woman seek most. I want to age gracefully and elegantly (if can la, it requires a lot of hard work and knowledge to be one.)

Here are some tips for all the women out there!
Let's show our beauty from inside out.

After the talk, we're presented by these:

Cakes and cookies and pastries. Homemade! Delicious.
Diet?? What diet??? LOL.

There's this complimentary nail buffing and hand massage for the ladies who attended this tea party. Gosh the feeling is so nice I wanted to go for a full body massage now now NOW!!! (neck pain for sleeping in wrong position.) Then, I walked around with Tammy, Senri and Lisa, looking at the sales personnel of Aimer introduce their lingerie and as well helping my friends choosing the perfect bra for them. 

I hesitated. I was looking and wandering around the Aimer section but thinking to try or not. After some of them bought and chose, I can't resist and choose the most basic one and ask the sales personnel to fit the bra for me... And oh my, now only I knew I've been doing it wrong all these years!!! No wonder so flat. T____T I have to start practicing correct bra wearing method from now on to save my chest from getting flatter and flatter. 

Camibra. Aimer is the first brand that carries this design, super easy to mix and match with your apparel!

Thank you Aimer and Tammy for the invite. It was such a girly and lovely afternoon with all these female knowledge stuffed into my head and bra shopping experience (as well as stopped by a bra cop and got a 'saman' for wearing the wrong bra lololol.)

Aimer is now available at Sunway Pyramid, Parksons One Utama and Plaza Gurney! Visit them or log onto Aimer Online to know more about them!

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