Friday, September 7, 2012

Cha-Guma Eye

Tried a new way of make-up today - 茶クマメイク (Brown dark eye circle make) which I read it in ViVi magazine Oct issue earlier today. 

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It is a very easy make-up technique, but the point is to have flawless base/foundation. You have to cover your own dark eye circle to make the focus at the 'dark-circle' eyeshadow you apply, but not the real dark circle.

I use KATE eyebrow palette as eyeshadow this time, apply darkest colour at the end and the medium brown all the way to the inner corner of my lower eyelid. As for upper eyelid, I kept it very simple, just few dabs of Balm highlight powder. lol. Covered my eyebrow with KissMe eyebrow colour, drew inner upper eyeline, apply mascar both for upper and lower lashes. Light blush then lipgloss. Did this look and went to night market lololol.

Forever21 white flower headband

Jumpsuits: Cotton On
Bag: Laura Ashley x UT by UNIQLO

Enchanted Garden theme for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Cheras Leisure Mall.
Launch this Sunday!

Nicely decorated link bridge. loves.

The number of visits I went to Cheras Leisure Mall is too damn high that when I go into one of my favourite shop there today - F Block to look see look see, the sales assistant greet me in such a cheerful voice and tell me: You can try'em on! + You're so slim.

Omg I feel so paiseh because I visit the shop so often but I seldom buy their clothes. Ratio like 10:1? LOL. I just enjoy looking at their stuff and see if there's any new arrivals. lol. I'm all into Fall Winter collection now so neon stuff is kinda not my cup of tea anymore.

Busy busy weekend ahead, work work work! Which is good hahaha. Wish you all happy weekend! ^_^