Friday, September 28, 2012


Succumbed into the good deals of coupon selling online and bought the manicure + pedicure session at CLP Beauty Salon that's located at Rampai Business Park. Excited to try it as it's quite near my house, if it's good I might go there often :D

The nail salon actually share the same unit with a beauty and spa salon so the first thing I feel when I enter the place is that it's very relaxing! Some more with soothing music playing in the background and dim yellow lights, I feel like sleeping already. 

Flower + Chinese herb tea and my favourite Julie peanut butter crackers.
Afternoon tea time. 

Quite pity that the manicurist there have to strain their eyes to do the mani and pedi because of the dim lighting there so they're using table lamp in white lighting to do the service. Customers can't really see the true colours of the nail colour samples available as well because of the light. Have to choose carefully before proceed to nail colouring as the colours can be different under yellow light/white light (natural lighting).

Pinkish ombre toe nails. 

I know the nail salon owner will persuade you to take extra services/upgrade services in a lower price, I did tell myself to brace myself and not to be persuaded but I failed. Add some money and did this:

My very first time doing soft gel nails, for my hands.

I kinda felt that people as clumsy as me need to do gel nails. I was told that gel nails are good for your nails as they protect your nails from break. My nails are super fragile and always start breaking at the side once it grew to a certain length. I never can keep long nails boohoo. Now that I have gel nails, let see how my nails will become!

When I did classic manicure, crystals/designs on the nails can't last long due to my carelessness, but this gel nails, the night after I did my nails I moved some of my stuff to my room, and surprisingly the gel protects the crystal and it can really withstand the outside force and not being peel off. I'm falling in love with gel nails *omgbroke*

Gel nails~ Super love!

Nude colours and glitters and crystals. 

I want to try more daring colours next time!!! Because I just took their packages in doing manicure + pedicure T_____T *omgbankrupt* But okay, at least I don't have to do my nails at my own for a long long longggg time of period.

Feels uneasy that I don't have full body mirror now, can't take clothes coordinate photos for a while I guess. I will try and solve this issue as I really, really love taking photos. I will be better, give me some time ya~! T____T

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