Thursday, September 13, 2012

I keep on Fall-in...

Hahaha lame blog title. ANYWAY, I'm so into Fall-mode right now all I can think of is what/how I can style up that looks like I'm living in the season right now. KL had been raining quite heavily these few days the weather is so cold (to me) I have to go out in knits or jacket. I'm weak.

Animal prints maxi and newly bought leather jacket is what I chose for today's coordination. Smart casual, definitely able to keep me warm all day, especially in malls and cinema. I wonder how you guys choose your look of the day? I read somewhere that the correct sequence should be choose your outfit then only decide your make-up. I did it the other way round all the time. lol.

 Inspiration for my look today.

Looks different from my inspiration pic right??? Because one eyeliner that I decide to use today ruined my make-up. Boohoo. Bought Cybercolor sparkling black liquid eyeliner from SaSa the other day, and decide to try it today. I've been using Maybelline's Hyper Sharp eyeliner all along, I get used to its quick dry effect that I forgot to let this one dry before I open up my eyes. Then BAM!!!! Smudged!!! I got no time to redo my make-up so gotta deal it with super bold eyeliner lololol.

It's suppose to be a much natural look. lol.

Matte, scarlet red lips today as there's no other colour on me from head to toe, Black 85%. Wanted to add some 'Chi'(energy) to my face.

Dress: Times Square
Jacket: edc by Esprit
Shoes: Vincci
Bag: Times Square

Super love the leather jacket. One of the best purchase I made! *satisfy*

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