Friday, September 14, 2012

NYFW Inspired

Been keeping eye on New York Fashion Week's news for days and I decided to try the "runway model look".

Models at western countries tend to look cool in loose hair and undefined make-up. Is like make-up artist can style them in 5 minutes and they'll still look super gorgeous on the runway. But being Asian, loose hair makes you look like crazy woman and undefined make-up make people feels like you rush out from home and didn't have enough time to complete your look. lol. Pretty pathetic for Asian face without any signature feature (like me T_T).

Browse through some photos of nyfw's backstage and decided to try the make-up that's used in Vera Wang's show - Rose gold brown smoky eyes. The key to not look like you haven't sleep for 5 days with this kinda no-eyeliner-nor-mascara-make-up is to have a pair of defined brows. Plus, defined brows are in for this season as well. :D

Loose ponytail for hair and very simple outfit for the day - UNIQLO plain white tee and easy leggings.

I was kinda hope Malaysia's fashion week have its own trend that can bring huge influence on how the people dress or look. It will be such a fun thing to do.

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