Sunday, September 9, 2012


Past weeks fashion post. lol. Try to be hard working in posting about look of the day post, so recently I blogged quite often at midnight about the style I rocked on that day, if you missed them, you can check it here, here, here and here!

I guessed it will lessen post about past weeks fashion if I blogged daily. Anyway, who knows I'm lazy right? LOL. Past weeks fashion post will be written again I think, more or less. 

Light make-up.

Tops: Kitschen
Denim shorts: Sg Wang
Tights: Tmn Connaught
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Times Square

I love love loveee the rabbit prints blue t-shirt. So cute and casual yet stylish.

Casual rock? lol.

I probably said this before, but I will say it again: Knit cap is DA BOOM!!!! I think it suits all types of face shape. Seriously.

Knit cap and fuschia lips, yummy looking?

Tight mini, another boom.

Knit cap: Sg Wang
Cropped tops: Times Square
Tight mini: Times Square
Bag: Times Square
Shoes: i-Socks

Gosh now only I noticed lots of stuff from Times Square. lol.

Green x Pink

When I make-up for this day, all I think of is Ena Matsumoto-san's assistant Aco-san. I saw her rocking this look during the day when we did the Pavilion EMODA first show. Thought of trying something like this.

Eyeliner, pinkish nude and blusher.

Monotone x Leather. Fall fashion. 

Tops: Cotton On
Leather Pants: Duet
Socks: F Block
Shoes: Offline Blogshop

A dash of boyish out of laces and pearls.

Red is the colour I choose for this Hari Raya when I prepare to go to my friend's house. Her family is choosing red colour as the 'dress code colour' for the family, thought I join in the fun. lol. Too bad I can't make it due to super hectic jam because of accidents at MRR2 road and their family had to head out to relative's house. boohoo...

Cherry hairclip.

Red x Black

Tops: F Block
Tube dress(bottom): Times Square
Bag: Times Square
Shoes: Converse

Black tube dress as bottom, I love how chiffon maxi skirt feels when you walk, feels like riding with the wind. 

Playful mood.

Knit cap look again! Rocked it with T-Shirt and Jeans. Haha.

Tried to curl my hair using flat iron, end up my hair looks like hay T_T

In Lulu Guinness cat T-shirt. I love cats-everything. 

Tops: Lulu Guinness x UNIQLO UT
Bottoms: Levi's
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Times Square (AGAIN!!! LOL)

That OMG feeling when Lulu Guinness (actual person, British accessories fashion designer) RTed my insta-tweet on Twitter, feels so happy can!!! Is like some kind of 'recognition' like that. lol.


The original pic.

New York fashion week is happening RIGHT NOW and I'm looking at tweet updates + news updates from various websites. I'm so eager to know what's in for next Spring Summer. Meanwhile, I will try more fashion + beauty trends this Fall, stay tuned. ;D

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