Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sapporo Ramen

Had Sapporo ramen as dinner at Ichiban Ramen. Missing ramen's taste so much I'm glad that I had my ramen-fixed just now. LOLOLOL.

Yummy Sapporo ramen. ^w^

Today's coordination:

no-make face. 

Tops: MNG
Knit: Forever21
Shorts: Tru
Pump flats: Brands Outlet
Bag: from Choo Choo Cat Mooks

Had some pretty shit luck today in desserts. Wanted to drink bubble tea, but bought a shitty one at Dong Cha, the taste so weird I wanna cry. Then went to Share Tea to buy again, thought it will be alright but... Haihz.

I better stick back to Chatime/Gong Cha. 

Busy day tomorrow, good night everybody! <3 div="div" nbsp="nbsp">

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