Thursday, September 6, 2012

Secret Garden

This is not a blogpost about the Korean movie that's a big hit 2 years back, but a restaurant that its concept is living, wine and dine. Located inside a small lane in Ipoh (Lorong Cheang Cheah Lim), there's these charming bungalows that's been modified into business use - boutique hotels and restaurant. I was told this is one of the latest trend in Ipoh.

Welcome to Secret Garden

This is my first time dine inside a bungalow (if I'm not mistaken, I have lousy memories) and upon reaching its compound, I was amazed by it. KL also have something like this like Ciao or some fine dining restaurants but not to mention the price of their meals are super duper expensive!!! A huge compound like this with plenty or greenery and space is one place that hardly can be found in KL.

England-style telephone booth and postbox.

Al fresco. Imagine the relaxing feel sipping wine or drinking beer and chit chat with friends here. Bliss!

You can either choose to dine at the al fresco area, or inside the restaurant with aircond, soothing lighting and even projectors for you to view soccer match at the England/soccer area.

Well decorated.

Soccer showing and Beatles, so England. 

He just woke up from his late evening nap, tad bit grumpy lolololol.

Their dishes are kinda German-ish, quite confused actually as most of the decorations are quite England-ish but lotsa sausage dishes in their menu, and some are quite fusion too. I don't care I just wanna eat steak and Xuan also don't care he wanna eat sausages. lol.

Their menu price are slightly cheaper than some of the restaurants of KL but definitely on par with German restaurant like Weissbräu. Expensive imo. I hope their food better be good then.

So call Fresh Orange Juice.

First disappointment of the meal: their juice. It's suppose to be a 100% orange juice right? It's more like 50% of orange juice + 45% of water + 5% sugar syrup. Taste kinda bland. Urgh.

He wanted orange juice, not me.
But I'm the one to finish it up. -_-

Kids Menu - Sausages

Seriously, when I saw this, I am so disappointed that these are the sausages they serve, like from Ayamas or something that sells 8 or 10 sticks for RM4. Just few sticks of sausages and potato wedges, RM17.90++. Some more there are burnt parts at some sausages. Oh my, where's the standard!

Lamb shanks. 

Boohoo... Deceived by the photo inside the menu. These lamb shanks looked so small, like from a small lamb or something. Very small portion. I had just a bite of the mutton, can't say much bout it but I really like the side dish - small potato chunks and mushroom in buttermayo(?unsure) sauce. Super nice can! But just a few spoons then finished. Yikes.

Char Grilled Sirloin Steak 

It's rather a small piece of steak compared to all those I had before. Side dishes are one piece of sausage, two pieces of fish keropok(crackers) and sautéed veges in chili bits and cream. Very fusion. Their medium-well cook sirloin steak are tad bit hard for me. Chewed until my jaws tired. Order medium ones if you like your meat soft.

Xuan super loves my dish's black pepper sauce, and I love it as much he did. Rich, creamy in the aroma of black pepper. I have to ask for another serving of black pepper sauce because Xuan keep on dip his sausages and wedges and finishes my sauce. lol.

Overall it was quite a decent place if you're not a person who has high expectation in food but just wanna find a place to chill and dine in comfort around Ipoh.

"Wuah! Police cone oh!"
Hahahaha traffic cones all belongs to police according to him. lol.

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