Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Vintage Business

Didn't know what to wear how to wear how to make-up until the last minute I have to force myself. Then slowly things starting to pop up one by one on my mind...

White jacket, then mix with? Hmm... jumpsuits? Maybe. *look at watch, 5:45p.m.!* Gotta do make-up now. Wanna try the white eyeshadow that brings clean feel on eyes. But add a bit here and there, it became something different. 

White eyeshadow overall the eyelids and brown eyeshadow at the end of the eye and crease. Super dramatic eyeliner and false lashes. 1/3 lower eyeline but no mascara for lower eyelashes tho. Tangy colour blusher and nude beige lip colour. Then I hand itchy added eyeliner on my pimples that's at my upper left mouth area and fake it as mole. lololol.

Yeah, a lil bump on my hair. Try to style a beehive hairstyle but failed. Hahahaha. No time to look for diy method online, guess it'll do. Simply pin and try to make it stay at the position lololol.

A coloured version. lol.

Instead of jumpsuits that brings a bit 'resort relaxing' feel, my choice is black dress. Totally looked like a business woman. YIKES!

Hahaha whatever. So mature looking that when I accidentally bumped into an old friend of mine, she told me I look so mature and she thought I'm a fashion designer(?what?) lol. Maybe I should study fashion design instead. haha.

September 22nd, it's lovely Hana-chan's birthday, it's also a super big day for fashionista in KL as it's the grand opening of H&M's very first outlet here at Lot10.

This super long advertising posters are located at the subway of KLCC to Convention Centre.

Took some photos with Lana hahahaha. She looked freaking gorgeous in H&M Fall Campaign 2012 can!!!

I want her hair her eyes her nose her lips her voice her everything!!!!!

Is she coming to Malaysia to launch H&M I wonder? Can't wait!!!

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