Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sticker Freak

Those good ol' sticker collecting days are back to me!!! Bought a total 3 designs of stickers in these few days. Feels all lovely while looking at them stickers. (girls you know how I feel) 

I have tons and tons of stickers at home, collecting dusts in a box but I keep buying more and more in the end, vicious cycle. Last time used to order stickers and sticker packs through SilverHo! Anyone of you remember this? You wait for your turn in class to browse through catalogues and write down the code number and post it along with wang pos ( postal order) and they'll send you the parcel. There's new stuff and new catalogue each month! 

I'm not the one who did the ordering, but the one who joined in and spend money on stickers and letters pack and sometime idol merchandises lololol. Those good ol' memories. 

Rilakkuma, Choo Choo Sticker Pack and Alpaca &  Sheep.

I've been thinking where to use these stickers but no, not a place I can think of! LOL. I wanted to stick some to my phone but don't know where will be suitable. I need some cheap and plain looking case to revamp it with these stickers. 

These will be collecting dusts again for some time perhaps. lololol.

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Jean said...

rilakkuma one super cute! i always wanna buy too bt i got to stop myself cox i know they will end up collecting dust. lol