Friday, September 7, 2012

The F21 Eyes

This is what my friend first said to me when I meet her up: Wah, rocker style again? lololol. Shit, can't think of anything to wear for not fall into the 'street rock' group again??? I don't want to be so fixed into only one category of fashion style. Must change!!!! 

High ponytail with 2 black and white scrunchies from Forever21 I bought earlier this week, I saw this model's lookbook shots behind the cashier counters with very bold eyeliner. Yeah, eyeliner, that's what inspires me of drawing my face today.

Light eyebrows, heavy eyeliners, mascara, light blush and lipstick + lipgloss. Le look of the day....

Monotone again. Lol.

Meet up le friends at Pavilion. Sad that Peiyue is leaving Malaysia for Philippines to work. Trying to sweet talk her into watch horror movie with me for that one last time before she left but to no avail. She looks damn cute and funny when watching horror movie, mostly just looking at her five fingers, she covers her eyes most of the time. haha.

Food and Chit Chat at Ben's. Perfect.

Then came this "let's try to take photo of each other contest" pops up. I'm using le phone + did some editing for them. lol. But... nobody take my photo one!!! T^T

Dreamy cute girl look.

He say he looks like modeling for watch advertisement hahahaha buay paiseh max!

Talk and talk nonstop. I wish we could hang out more often.

LOL we always do weird stuff + take weird pics.

Style of the day:

Long sheer top: F Block
White Tank: Nicci
Jeans: F21
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Times Square

Le distorted face as I can't stop smiling, a tad bit shy because we're shooting this beside the main road with off-work-traffic. lol.

Bon voyage Peiyue! See you in 19days for our manicure session ya! Hahaha.

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