Thursday, September 20, 2012


Had a chance to work as a model for a showcase of YODA (Young Designers Arena, not Master Yoda lololol) in Cyber International Lifestyle Trade Fair two weeks ago. That's the first time I encounter talented young designers in Malaysia as well as from our neighbour countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

I've heard about YODA since MODA 22nd anniversary and this is the first time I meet the designers and actually wear their collections for a show. It was such a great pleasure to get a the chance and work with them. A huge thank you to le bf who showed his support to me as well as capture some me-on-the-runway photos. Thank you love!! <3 p="p">

I love love loveee their designs!!!

Elegant bridal design, so much different from those we've seen in bridal shops.

Sophisticated work wear.

I guess this is everyday-wear? 

Particular fondness of runway shots like these. Haha.

Here are some shots from various photographers that tagged me in Facebook, credits to their owners:

Super like this picture can!!!

Fierce? :D

China fairy-alike!

Gorgeous shoes~!

Some behind-the-scenes:

with Gwen Chin. Look out for her, she might be the next big thing in Malaysia's model industry!

Super messy hair, took these in the middle of the show after change of outfits. lololol.

Happiest moment during a show was to know that there'll be bridal gowns to model for!


Made to perfection

Once again, thanks to everyone who made this happen. It was really a great experience to work with the team in such a fun environment. Thank you all! 

Hope that Malaysia's young designers will have their bright future in Malaysia and on the International stage! All the best to you all. See you guys soon~! ^w^

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