Saturday, September 8, 2012


Japanese overload these days. I would just walk into Sakae Sushi and order two plates of shashimi to satisfy my cravings. Kena poison too deep. I blame Kampachi for the heavenly salmon sushi I had for the first time.

Decided to try Yuzu at The Gardens on our 13th monthversary. I know it's one of the Japanese fine dining around KL and People been telling that Yuzu taste better than Kampachi. ORLY? Let's see.

Le citrus

There's lots of variety of food in the menu and I spend quite some time to browse through the whole thing. Had a very hard time choosing which teishoku I want, and ended up with Sashimi teishoku while le bf go for Wasabi Wagyu Teppan à la carte.

Wagyu beef with house-made wasabi paste

Didn't manage to flip those wagyu beef over in time and led to one side overcooked than another. Yikes. Super wasted!!! But still, its beef were so juicy and tender, eating every piece of this I have to savour it to the max, while each and every piece value is high, I have to make myself remember how they taste like.

Sashimi Teishoku
There's obinmushi(teapot soup) in the set.

Flower shape carrot piece. 

Beautifully decorated Salmon, butter fish and tuna and I-forgot-what-its-name sashimi and red shrimp.

Is it weird that I only like salmon sashimi? Lol. But to be honest, these salmon sashimi I had doesn't taste as exquisite as the ones I had back at Kampachi. It looks fresh, but its taste is just so-so. Doesn't have the 'heavenly' feeling at all, and absolutely didn't melt in my mouth. A tad bit disappointed. 

The second I like most from the sashimi are butter fish! I like its buttery taste with its fresh fish meat taste combined, it's something very different from other sashimi. Especially when it is THIS fresh at Yuzu, definitely higher rating than the salmon sashimi.

Le bf decided to order Sukiyaki teishoku when his wagyu teppan turned out to be not filling enough for him. He ordered this teishoku with sashimi as side dish when he knew I didn't had enough from my set. lololol. He knows me best.

Sukiyaki Sashimi Teishoku

Look at the beautiful colours.

In my pov, I think Yuzu have very appealing appearance about their food. With all the flowers and decorations that makes their food looks as if it's something you will present to high class society and all, but the taste wise is just fresh but normal, doesn't make me squeal or say something like: Oishiiiii~~~ or WOW!!! lol. You know their food is just so-so when you don't get excited.

When the price of Yuzu were tad big higher than the normal Japanese restaurants but on par with Kampachi, I will go back to Kampachi if I have to choose.

Shut my mouth with Chrysanthemum. lol. 

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