Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holika Holika

With the current Korean-everything trend, we always adore those cute and perfect looking Korean girls whom are called as Ulzzang either in K-Pop or K-Drama or event street snap. We wanted to look like them, that sweet, cutey looking that guys will melt when they look at you. (Ulzzang means 'Perfect Face', natural, beautiful face which is the current beauty looks trend in Korea!) 

How to create an ulzzang look? With Korean make-up of course because they are using them as well! I'm so happy when I know that I'm receiving products from Holika Holika to blog about them here! They are the leading young female cosmetic brand in Korea now! Since their first outlet opened at Berjaya Times Square, I am mesmerized by their products mysterious packaging. Now, I'm gonna show you guys - Holika Holika Pure Mellow Series!

Holika Holika, a magic spell that brings you the magical feeling of an ultimate make-up experience.

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Series

When I first received the Pure Mellow series products, I was like: Woah! The packaging is so adorable, reminds me of candy wrapping and lollipop so much that I just couldn't stop smiling like a little girl just got her candy from her parents. Pure Mellow series cosmetics are to moisturizes your skin internally but at the same time, give you a marshmallow-kinda look and feel on the outside. Yummy isn't?

 Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Liquid Foundation

It is lightly candy scented ( My nose + brain thinks la haha) which is smells just right, and the texture of the foundation is kinda lightweighted, not like those thick and heavy liquid foundation we used to see. It makes your pores breathable, and tune the tone of your skin as well because it contains arbutin ingredients which lightens your skin tone for a better overall complexion. It comes with SPF25 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and its blurring effects technology hides your skin's imperfection giving it a photoshop finish.

The Pearl Drop shape for the casing.

 Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Pact

This is one yummilicious compact powder because it has 0.01% marshmallow root extract and glacial milk ingredients. Same as the liquid foundation, this is a moisture pact which gives you dewy and soft skin like marshmallow on the outside, and moisturizes your skin on the inside. It has SPF30 PA++ plus it's free from paraben, talc, alcohol and mineral oil. After using it, it gives my skin more coverage than the liquid foundation, which able to cover blemishes on my skin, giving it a smooth look, plus it is lightly scented as well, yums!

Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher

This is no jelly or powder blusher, but more like a cream-powder type blusher. Its colour is so soft that no matter how many times you apply it on your cheek it will still look natural on you, a blusher that I will recommend to make-up beginners/ girls who like to have a sheer tint on their cheek and nothing excessive. Even though it's cream-powder type, it's not sticky at all but gives you a smooth feeling upon applying. It brightens up your cheek instantly with its pearl-like colour, shimmering and yet, natural.

Last but not least - Heart Full Glossy Lipstick

When I opened the packaging, I did not expect the lipstick to be in heart shape and I was like: SOCUTEEEE!!! The actual colour of the lipstick isn't this red (I don't know how my camera captured this colour) and it's more to pink colour.

Highly pigmented and with its essential oil complex, this glossy lipstick lets me apply it on my lips effortlessly and at the same time, maintains the moistures of my lips. Its colour is long-lasting enough for me to go through a dinner + movie date and the end of the day, when I wanna remove my make-up, I can still spot some colours on my lips.

Its moisturizing components soften my lips which I can feel it after I put them on, and its glossy finish makes my lips looks lustrous and kissable! *muacks*

And now, right after I introduce all these yummy cosmetics from Holika Holika, I am going to show you, how to do a simple, natural eyebag(卧蚕妆) make using these Pure Mellow series products:

Let's Holika Holika for a beautiful face!

Girls, remember one important thing: No matter how lazy you are, do not skip applying make-up base onto your face. It is very essential for a long-lasting make-up that will last you through the day. If you find your make-up/blusher melts away not even half of the day, you're doing your foundation wrong.

After applying make-up base, squeeze some Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Liquid Foundation on the back of your hands and apply them all over your face with a sponge/brush or your own fingertip. Remember to do it gently.

The second essential thing in doing your make-up foundation right is to set it on your face. By setting I mean put on loose powder or compact powder as a finishing for your foundation. It will removes excessive shine on your face and at the same time, make your foundation stays longer. Plus, you can always use compact powder anytime anywhere to touch up, pretty easy isn't?

This Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Pact gives my face more coverage after I applied the Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Liquid Foundation, giving me a smooth and perfect soft looking skin.

This is the magical item that will bring a change to your face - Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher


I used the Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher not only on my face, but also drew a line under my eyes to create sparkly eyebag make-up that is a big hit in Korea! As I mentioned before, the colour of the jelly blusher is so natural, you don't have to worry that you'll apply excessive colours on your face and also, the blusher instantly put on pinkish glow on my face, don't you think so? Love it!!!

Can't help myself to do a kissing face whenever I saw the heartshaped lipstick.
It totally triggers to lovey dovey feeling in me.

It is pinkish, glossy, definitely a pair of soft and kissable lips after application of the Heart Full Glossy Lipstick!

Tadaa~ Natural, Sweet and Lovely look of the day.
Created using Holika Holika's Pure Mellow Series!

Fresh, young, cute and smooth looking make-up, Holika Holika is the magic spell that make your beautiful dreams come true~!

And *AHEM*! It's not all.... Here's

Thanks to Holika Holika Malaysia!

Yup! That's RIGHT! 
The FIRST 3 COMMENTERS of this blogpost gets a Holika Holika Tomato Essence Mask!

The mask contains tomato essence which is rich in Vitamin A, C and K which helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Its tomato extract contains collagen-protecting-lycopene which can reduce skin inflammation and protect skin cells from UV damages and thickening of the outer epidermis. It tighten your pores and rich in tomato scent. if you're a tomato lover like me, you definitely want to have this awesome mask on your face!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Le Rêve

Last Wednesday was a fine afternoon with sun shining from above and windy as well, and I dressed up in a peach colour high low skirt and black and white stripey tops with all my hair tied into a low bun, which I think I look demure, elegant and 'french'. 


There're always reason I dress up, and for that day's occasion, it will be a tea party. I was invited to an exclusive Tea Party by Suen Jewellers which located at Bangsar, Jalan Maarof and it was also the launch of a new addition into SUEN's gallery, a jewellery brand from France, called Le Rêve. 

For those who love diamonds and pearls, SUEN Jewellers is a company you should aware of. Founded in year 2010 by Lee Sze Suen, SUEN Jewellers' team who has more than a decade's of knowledge and skills about gems have been delivering products and services of outstanding quality and standards to their customers. 

From Woman, For Woman.

While we're waiting for other bloggers to arrive...


Light refreshments that actually filled my tummy!

She's Kat and she's been working for SUEN for 13 years.

Had Coffee that day because Kat told us that their coffee is different, and indeed it is! Aromatic and rich. While we're sipping the coffee, Kat told us that the yellow teapot and cup sets are 15 years old and were used since the Carat Club days (Yup, before SUEN established, they are the Carat Club). They will serve coffee or tea to their customers who stopped by the showroom and customers love their coffee. The tea sets, the coffee, both of them have their own story to tell and till now, I still can recall how the coffee tastes like. 

SUEN Jewellers is a company that merge different talents and visions under theirs. Under the company, there are different brands and collections, such as: 


The inventor of Lalique - René Lalique(1860 - 1945) is the inventor of modern jewelry and throughout his life he's striving to become one of the geniuses in Art Deco glassware. His fine innovative craftsmanship attracted a lot of attention from notable people in his lifetime. When he died in May 1945, his company with 600 workers were pass to his son Marc, and today, his grand-daughter Marie Claude.

We witnessed how fine these crystal glasswares are and the details on each and every piece of creation is just superb. There combination finish of matte and gloss make each piece of crystal decoration pops. The Lalique collection has a vast range of objects such as vases, statues, tables, lighting and tableware and they are all so beautiful and delicate.

Table located in the showroom is also from Lalique's collection. Le Grandeur!

Other than Lalique, there's another collection which was brought into Malaysia by SUEN which known as:


Daum, a crystal studio based in France, founded by Jean Daum in year 1878 and they are the only commercial crystal manufacturer employing the pâte-de-verre (glass paste) process for art glass and crystal sculpture, which is a technique that crushed glass is packed into a refractorty mould and then fused in a kiln. Daum glass was often combined with carving, enamelling, and engraving on a single piece of glass to produce creative glass masterpieces. 

Over the years, Daum has collaborated with 350 artists including Salvador Dali, Arman, Sylvia Mangaud-Lasseigne and Marie-Paulle Deville-Chabrolle which created some unique collection in the world with the company. Daum creation is an unique work of art with a mysteriously attractive charm. 

Other than crystals, diamonds, gems and pearls are what SUEN's are proud of. 

Look at all the blings

The Diamond Classics series are timeless yet stylish which are suitable for everyday-wear. 

Yes, The Love Diamond Boutique are under SUEN Jewellers as well. Now you know!

After the mini tour around the showroom, there's a tray of wedding bands presented in front of us and we're allowed to look closely, touch and feel the difference of them with other brands. SUEN Jewellers do take custom-made wedding band orders, diamonds resetting etc. If you were one of SUEN's customer, you'll know how fine they are in taking care details of jewelleries that's meaningful to you.

Various design of wedding bands

Kat explaining the details of their products to us bloggers.

I guess I just found my favourite type of wedding band.

Woah~ Super love!!!!

The rings are solid and some that made with platinum are actually kinda heavy, I think guys will like that material more than girls do. The inner design of the rings are actually different from what I've seen/known before. There's no sharp square edge which makes your fingers feel a bit uncomfortable, they have smooth, rounded edge which fits between the fingers and super comfy as well!

After 'playing' with the rings, here comes the highlight of the day:

The Launching of Le Rêve

Le Rêve, which means The Dream in French.

We are a group of lucky women who get to see the first sight of Le Rêve's collection which arrived in Malaysia on that very day! At first I thought Le Rêve collections are common type of jewellery, little did I know, they are so different from what I've seen and definitely prove me wrong.

For Le Rêve's first collection launch, they decided to use oriental auspicious objects and creatures such as gold coins, dragons, 12 Chinese zodiacs as well as some animals like elephant, frog, and squirrel as the element and motif.

A part of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Series
From left: Rooster, Tiger and Snake

Close up of the pendant.
There's a plate behind the tiger, which allows customers to do customized engraving on it.

Le Rêve showcases exquisite jewellery and excellent craftmanship which make each and everyone of us eyes blinking non-stop and in awe. They took care of each and every details on the jewellery that they handcrafted each and every piece of them by hand after mould to make that piece of jewellery more realistic and lively.

The Dragon and Phoenix brooches.
Perfect for wedding occasions.

The world's One and Only unique masterpiece - Dragon Necklace

Became the 'model' to wear the dragon necklace to showed everyone how it looks like on the neck.

Look at the scales of the dragon. 

Currently, there's only this one necklace available in the world. The dragon looks so lively and the colours of the body is vibrant as well with rubies, champagne sapphire, yellow sapphire and various gems set on the whole dragon, it will captured immediate attention from others instantly. Perfect for wealthy family who would like to give it to their daughter or daughter-in-law as wedding gifts. It can be passed from one generation to the next.

Other than the dragon necklace, there are also:

Snake, super exotic ain't it?
Emerald and black diamonds on the body.

Another snake motif ring cum necklace.

The body of the snake is actually the ring part where you put your finger through it, but it actually can be bend, so the body become flat and you tie a black silk string on the top making it a necklace as well. The creativity and versatility of Le Rêve can be seen through how they design their pieces of jewellery which suits for different occasions and wearing method.

Frog and Snake motif rings.

Look at this cute lil acorn holding squirrel!

When Kat present us the squirrel ring, all of us go: OMGSOCUTE!!!!! Then everyone wanted to take photo with the cute lil squirrel ring. The delicateness of the ring can be seen from every angle and it looks like the squirrel is holding and eating its acorn on your finger and you'll go awwwwwww~

Can't resist to make a squirrel face lol.


Sawadikaaaaaa~ If a ring can change ones personality, I'm definitely a Thai when I put this ring on me. It reminds me so much of Thailand, the land which have its uppermost respect and love to this wonderful mammal. The elephant looks so cheerful and cute at the same time. I love it!

We even have one good looking guy who name is Samuel from France sat together with and tell us about Le Rêve's collection. It is definitely something to hear him saying how the taste of European on jewellery selection is different from Malaysian. We seldom see people wearing very lively sculpted creatures motif jewellery pieces on them in Malaysia don't we? 

I learned and see so much new information about jewellery through this exclusive tea party with SUEN Jewellers that now, if I wanted to buy a ring for myself (or is there anyone wanna buy me one? lol) I will definitely go to SUEN. Thanks SUEN for giving me such a great time spent with those precious stones and exquisite jewellery which made my lil dream of wearing diamonds come true for a lil while, a motivation for me to work hard and get one for myself. :D 

For those who are interested with pieces of jewellery/crystals that I've posted on my blog, you can go to:

SUEN Jewellers
No.119, Jalan Maarof,
Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603-2284 8618
Fax : 603-2284 8663

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Day of Femme

Femme is the theme for Malacca's Mahkota Parade fashion week. It lasted for weeks and I'm one of the model that walked the runway for its last day show. On that day, our apparels are all by Mirabelle, a brand that only available at selected Parksons outlet, and it is inspired and founded by a Hong Kong movie celebrity - Almen Wong 黄佩霞.

This is the 3rd time I went to Malacca, but didn't have anytime to visit around at all lol. We reached there about noon, rushed to rehearsal, fitting, hairdo and make-up. Don't even have time to get eat proper meal as lunch. McD take-away it is! lol. 

Hair styled by Meglio Hair Studio
What's better than your hair being styled by not one, but two hairstylists?

Make-up by Brush Up Academy

It's been quite some time since make-up artist sticks double eye-lid tape on my eyes. The imbalance size of my eyes are getting a bit serious as time goes by and sometimes, if I draw my eyeliner wrong, the imbalance can be seen from afar and super obvious in photos. I wonder there's anything to fix my eyes but no, I don't wanna get it done by surgery...

The make-up artist helped me redesign my eyebrows as well because of imbalance problem (again!). Now I have thin eyebrows and I like'em a lot! Makes me look less fierce but more feminine. Hehe. You know, there's saying that pretty girls have balance face feature, apparently I'm not one. (/___\) 

Selca time at backstage

Me and other pretty models from KL.

Dressed in Mirabelle's apparel and ready to rock the stage!

I seldom dress as feminine as this lololol.

After the show, I wanted to buy Nadeje cakes but too bad, there's just too many people queuing outside the Mahkota Parade outlet. :((( If only I had more time and not rushing back to KL. But anyway, had a fun time with the girls and cozy ride. Thank you very much for this lovely experience. ^_^

Will do another update about Femme when I get the on-stage photos from photographer. :D
Stay tune!