Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beauty12 Expo

Founded in year 2001, Beauty Expo was the very first professional beauty trade exhibition to be held in Malaysia, and this year is its 12th year and it is Southeast Asia's largest exposition and trade platform for beauty & therapeutic professionals! 

The event halls are divided into 5 product-base exhibit zones for buyer's effective and efficient sourcing for specific related products, which are:

1) Beauty Salon Spa & Wellness

2) Hair Products & Equipments

3) Nail Products & Tools

4) Packaging, Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling

5) Makeup & Education

To this day, covering top-notch selection of beauty, business, education, trends and industrial competitions over the past 11 years, this exhibition has become the most important networking platform for leaders from Beauty, Hair and Nail industry in Southeast Asia. Beauty12 Expo covers 10,000 square meters of space, representing 500 exhibits from 23 countries!

This is just a small section that I manage to capture its photo from the seminar room. 

I'm thankful to be invited as one of the media blogger to cover one of the seminar out of many that have been held during the 4 days of exhibit, and it's one of my favourite aspect when it comes to beauty - Photofinger and Gellyfit Professional Nail Art Seminar.

Quietly sneak into the seminar as I was late, rush all the way back to KL from Ipoh to attend this seminar.

Ms. Kelly is carefully placing crystals and chain around the photo, it really looks like a beautiful photo with photo frame.

Here are more samples of how Photofinger design looks like.
So pretty!!! With all the pretty women that I adore. *WANT!!!*

This is the 'real life' sample that Ms. Kelly just did the model's nail on the spot.
So pretty and unique can!!!

To create a 'glass' on top of the photo on the nail, just use the base/clear gel nail polish and fill them into  whole the gap of photo as well as the chains and crystals.

Ms. Kelly is a professional nail artist that's famous in the K-Pop industry in Korea. I'm glad I attended this seminar and it has opened up my eyes to so many designs that's a trend happening in Korea right now! The designs of the nails are so different from what Malaysia's nail salon have to offer. Here are more samples of Ms. Kelly's nail art designs that's done by using her gel nail polish brand - Gellyfit :

Romantic and Rock nail designs. All done with Gellyfit gel nail polish and high quality stickers.

More colours and patterns! I wish Ms. Kelly open a  nail salon branch in KL!

Unlike those common nail polish bottles we see, Gellyfit nail colour gel comes with cute ribbons on it which also represents the colour of that bottle of colour gel!

There are so many colours available as well!!! I should persuade my manicurist to buy these! The colours are too pretty!!!

Victorian era designs!!! OMGIWANTITSOBADLY!!!!!

with the talented Ms. Kelly!
(Thanks Jean for help taking the photo lol)

Now after witness the nail art presentation by Ms. Kelly, I have so many ideas what to do with my nails next! Can't wait for my current gel nail to drop off and I can do a new set! 

Last but not least, who goes home from Beauty Expo without buying anything? Here are my spoils of the day lololol:

RM50 for these! 

I can't wait for the next Beauty Expo to arrive! 4th - 7th of October year 2013, exibitors-to-be book your place and be part of this largest beauty exposition in Southeast Asia as well as expand your business to a new level! For more info, please log on to !

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