Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Freaking Dumb

Just experienced one of the dumbest moment in my life that I'm so embarrassed by myself that I couldn't help but to blog about it lolololol. 

Went out with my bestie - Aira to do a belated birthday celebration of hers. So we decided to catch a movie as we didn't do so for a long period of time. She used to be my horror movie kaki as well because we just love horror movies lol. Nowadays due to her hectic work schedule, we barely even see each other anymore :(

But I'm so glad we made it today

So a movie date with her, decided to buy the movie ticket online via GSC app. Bought the time 2040 show and THOUGHT it was 10:40p.m. (here starts the dumbness in me), thinking it match with our time and she off work around 8 something, should be able to have dinner and so.

So ever since then, I keep on remind myself 10:40pm without a second thought that 2040 is 8:40p.m. Aira came and fetch me around 10p.m. and we reach Pavilion around 10:20p.m. Until 10:30p.m. our hall still haven't release to audience yet, Aira felt a bit weird but I was like maybe they delayed or something. So the hall release, I tried to scan using the QR Code but failed, and the GSC person say just go in la after he check it is hall 2 and the movie is Taken 2.

We even went to toilet etc, took quite some time and finally sat at the seats I selected starting to nom on snacks and drinks we bought. Nobody came until the lights off and the movie is about to start, then there's this family walk in and come up to us saying we sat at their seats. I was like: !? These are my seats, 10:40p.m. ma. One of the guy went out to find the GSC personnel. The person in charge check their tickets and then look at my phone, then he say: Miss, ini lapan empat puluh punya tiket... (Miss, this is 8:40p.m. show...)

Then the whole 2040 is 8:40p.m. hit me hard at that split second. I was like: OMFG I AM SO FREAKING DUMB IT WAS MY FAULT HOW COME I DIDN'T REALIZE IT WAS 8:40P.M INSTEAD OF 10:40P.M WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!! Then I quickly told Aira is my mistake we have to leave now then we flee away in just seconds.

I keep on apologizing to her all the way till we go back to her car. I really don't know what is wrong with me, how come I am so blur I didn't notice the time. I still feel sorry that I screwed up this movie date and have to postpone our movie date.

Let's just hope our seat will not be TAKEN AGAIN lol.

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